My 8 month old wakes crying/screaming, ideas why?

Tasha - posted on 08/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son seems to just recently wake up crying or screaming, he used to wake up and talk/babble to himself, then when really wanted to get up hed cry, now he just goes straight to crying. Hes seen the dr cause i thought maybe his ears were buggin him, the dr said hes fine, he has been on antibiotics for a skin infection but im not sure if thats it, anyone else seen this, think its a phase or something really wrong?


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Melissa - posted on 08/12/2011




Teething, to cold/to hot, night terrors, seperation anxiety...thats the hard part figuring out what it is. We always knew when it was teething because he would show signs during the day. We found out when it was night terrors because it happened at the same time every night and no signs of teething, also the cry was more of a extreme terrified even when we came in type of cry. Separation anxiety is hard to tell. Our son wakes with small little cries often when he is cold, at least that is what we have figured out. Unfortunately this might go on on and off for many more months to come. My 17 mth old woke up screaming last night at 4am! Weigh out all the options and use you instinct.

Bonnie - posted on 08/12/2011




If it's related to the medication he is on, maybe he has an upset stomach from it or something. Otherwise, maybe he is starting to go through separation anxiety.

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