my 8 week old is constipated


Jessica - posted on 08/05/2010




I went through the same thing with my daughter. Doc said karo syrup. Tried it. Not good enough. Juice wouldn't help either. Suppositories (prescribed) she would immediately poop back out. My mom said when I was a baby she had to do this to me all the time: Get a bowl of warm soapy water, and lube up baby's booty and a nose sucker, and squeeze some in. I usually used a bulb full or so, bc she would squirt some back out. Doc said it was okay, as long as it wasn't done too often.(So she wouldn't get used to having to poop that way) It worked like a charm every time. Had to do it on my son too, when he came along. And don't worry about it hurting them. They're fine, and the relief is instant! Hope he feels better!

Emz - posted on 08/05/2010




my son had a lazy bowel..after talking to the health visitor and trying all remedies i ended up using an ear bud dipped in a tub of vaseline...nasty but it just gently softened up the end around his wee bum hole so he was able to go himself..u wud do anything for them :-(

Amanda - posted on 08/04/2010




my daughter had alot of constipation issues since birth she is now 7, i tried sugar water andd it worked great! there is also baby prune juice, but both my kids hated it, i just stuck with sugar water, it takes a bit to work but it will

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Kristin - posted on 08/06/2010




breastfed or bottle? breastfed-look at your diet. Consider reducing the things that are stool hardeners like apples,bananas are constipating and cheese. Then add grapes,prune juice (i mixed it w/grape juice b/c it is so thick),pears to your diet on a regular basis. I would dink prune juice 2-3 times a week b4 a problem would rise if say i wanted pizza. prune juice is the quickest if there is a problem right now! I had to adjust my diet for different things with every breast baby I had!! Bottle-fed glycerin suppositories for babies are over the counter and usually recommended by your doct.( if you ask them for remedies),warm soapy baths, Also (this is gross but worked) if you catch them when they are pushing to go take off their diaper and push legs up and help them by pushing on the sides of the rectum behind the hard stool. Constipation is no fun, Good Luck!

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when my son passed the week mark, our TeleHealth nurses actually advised apple or pear juice. per 100% juice...not concentrate. I think we used the Tropicana Apple and just gave him a couple of droppers full. Now I know that you wouldn't normally give an infant juice...but it did work like a charm.

[deleted account]

actually you can use a drop or two of karo syrup in his formula without any ill effects. (doctor recommended) Only use it up to twice a day and once his bowels loosen up drop it down to one drop in one bottle a day. If he starts to get constipated again bring it up to two drops in one bottle each day. IF his bowels loosen up and become constantly runny then stop use until it corrects itself and only use the remedy once or twice a week.

good luck and god bless

Ricky - posted on 08/05/2010




until he is 4 months I would only use infant suppositories (glycerin wax sticks that lube his bum to let the poop slide out easier) he is too young for anything other than breast milk of formula.

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