my 8mon baby boy

Margaret - posted on 09/19/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




he recently cried so hard that he couldnt breath and passed out for couple min..


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Sarah - posted on 09/26/2013




It is always good to check with your doc. But I will let you know that for some kids this is normal. My youngest would hold her breath when she cried from the time she was born. Most of the time kids and babies will take a breath before they pass out. But sometimes they continue to hold it. Passing out is the body's way of making you breathe. The more you react to the holding the breath the more the child will do it. I know it can be scary, but your body makes you breathe. My daughter is now 2 yrs old and hardly does the holding the breath when crying anymore. She has realized that that does not get her the attention, so has now gone onto different things that do :)

Natalie - posted on 09/19/2013




Well i think as long as he's crying, he's breathing. But the passing out part, I think I would want to take him to see his doc cuz that also can be an underlining problem as well. Good luck mamas!!

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