my 9 month old and bed time anxiety

Kristi - posted on 10/02/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I took my son to the doc. today for just a well check visit, and I explained to her how bed time goes and she said he has seperation anxiety. He throws awful fits when he knows it's bed time, he cries his little heart out and screams as if he is in pain. I check on him alot, only because I get paronoid, (he has a habit of getting an arm or leg stuck in between the bars of his crib). I don't know what to do any more to help comfort him. I try to give him a warm bottle but it does not always work.


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Cassie - posted on 10/02/2009




I have a 4 year old and a one year old. I know it is important to some people for their children to fall asleep on their own  and I know sleep is crucial, but is it worth it to let him cry to sleep? They will only be babies for awhile and that's not long enough so rock your baby to sleep because when he is 4 he will want to watch a movie to fall asleep with instead of sitting on your lap. They will eventually figure out that it is okat to go to sleep on their own. We did. I'm not sure how long it will take but treasure that 1o minutes of rocking before bed!


Ashley - posted on 10/02/2009




my son's going through this right now too:( with my son he only fusses for a minute when i put him down but if he wakes up at all in the middle of the night and i'm not there he freaks out.

Kristi - posted on 10/02/2009




thank you so much, I will give this a try!!! it really brakes my heart to hear him scream like he does.

Michelle - posted on 10/02/2009




The one thing that helped me through this with all of my kids (especially my 2 year old twins) was to start by sitting next to there cribs and just hold there hands until they fell asleep and then as time went by I slowly started to just move myself closer to the door. This did take a few weeks, but by the second week I was able to just sit inside the door and they would have the security there that it is ok. It took each of my children between two and three weeks for this to end. Good Luck!

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