my 9 year old son is very frustrated by doing things he is supposed to do like homework, going to his basketball games, going to Hebrew School, daily hygiene, etc. Basically anything that he's supposed to do that he doesn't want to do gets him really frustrated and angry and it's very hard to deal with. How do I help him help himself? He knows these things are coming. The homework and hygiene are daily, the other things are weekly, but it doesn't matter. He gets so easily frustrated. He leaves homework at school, hands in sloppy assignments, pretty much anything that requires some effort on his part, he's not interested in doing. Help!


Joyce - posted on 01/26/2013




Dear Mindy, Hello. Yes, it is frustrating. Can you try this? FAMILY RESPONSIBILITIES.
Each member of the family , please make a list of what you do in order to keep the family
happy, healthy, fed, clothed, sleeping, at appointments, et cetra. Create YOUR list first.
Show to the child(ren). Have them tell you what responsibilities they have in order to EARN
a bed, food, a seat at school, et cetra. You write down their list. Then have the child(ren )
copy the same list in order to earn the next meal. I would gladly speak with you on the phone.
Is that permitted? Joyce , zip code 33434.

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