My 9 years old son often has headache since he was 7.

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My 9 years old son often has headache since he was 7. We got EKG done twice and all was ok! But he always complain having headache after school or while playing or after. I always think of dehydrate. . I tried to give him lots of water during sports, still he has it! What do you think may be the reason and I should do. some time it would last only 5-10 m. Some time longer!


Christine - posted on 02/22/2013




You may want to start a headache diary. Keep track of his sleep, exercise, stress, eating habits, sinuses and for immediate comfort: take him away from loud noises and bright lights, and a trick I use for myself...that I suggest you find on yourself before doing it for him. Between your thumb and forefinger, feel in the flesh area under the U (with your thumb and index of your other hand) you should feel a little nub, I have no idea what else to call it but it's a pressure point. Some light pressure on that might help relieve some of the pressure in him head. It helps me, and several others I know who suffer from migraines. You can also give him a light facial massage, temples, on the outer part of the bridge of her nose, forehead, base of her head/neck. As for medicines, I can't recommend anything. But if he is suffering for sinuses you may have something to help with that.
You may want to take him in and have his eyes checked. Considering how used they are throughout the day, it may cause great discomfort and eye strains/headaches.

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