My almost 13 yr. old still wets the bed! Anyone else have this problem?

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My almost 13 yr. old son still wets the bed pretty much every night. I have talked to his Dr. and he said he would outgrow it. We tried holding back liquids before bedtime and waking him in the middle of the night to go pee, we have also tried the meds but that didn't work either! I am so tired of washing sheets everyday & scared he is going to go to High School still wetting the bed! Help!!!


Trisha - posted on 09/16/2012




OMG! My son is 13 and still wets the bed! He tries to hide it by doing his own laundry but won't let me put a waterproof matress protector on his bed either! I think he thinks I don't know he wets the bed but he never wants sleepovers nor does he sleep over at anyone elses house except for one friend who is like a brother to him and that mom knows/ has known about the issue as well. I 've never made him feel ashamed about it and my brother did the same thing until about 11 or 12 . I have spoken to docs and heard it can be genetic and he will grow out of it but when is too old too old?! Do I need to talk to a doctor about this?

Louise - posted on 10/07/2011




Demand to see another doctor at 13 this is not on and it will be a medical problem. Most children grow out of bed wetting about 11/12 this has gone on to long and there must be another reason. Maybe something simple like a sensative bladder, or small kidney stones. Insist the doctor takes things further because this is not right it is having an effect on your sons life and his self esteem must be really low. Do not be fobbed off with he will grow out of it. He is a teenager not 5. Kick arse with doctors and they may take you seriously.

Melissa - posted on 10/14/2011




My son was just afew month shy turning 15 and was wetting the bed . I was on the verge of taking to a uroalogyist(sorry spelled it wrong) But the doctor percribed him meds and they were working then stopped so he went up on the dosage and finally it worked so far its been 5 months . My son has ADHD and bipolar and trechatellinimia(hair pulling disorder) which all evolved in the past year . I would try the urologist and see what he says if anything he will give you peace of mind .

Carmina - posted on 10/15/2011




my younger brother was 13 and still wetting the bed last i heard, my mother and him have tried EVERYTHING i wont even begin writing it all down.. he is 14 now, 15 in march and im too awkward to ask him if it still happens, hes such a tall man now having hit puberty lol. i know this wasnt any help but i hope it makes you feel better that your not alone :) good luck with it all x

Jodi - posted on 10/08/2011




My step son only JUST stopped wetting the bed every night. He is 12.

Basically, the doctors said that most kids will outgrow it when they reach puberty. My stepson is well into puberty and hadn't outgrown it, so we tried the meds and they worked. He did try a different medication about 2 years ago and it DIDN'T work, so sometimes it is worth giving another medication a shot, or waiting a while and trying again.

We still wake him before we go to bed to get him to have a pee, and he still has the rare wet night, but it is a much better situation than it was.

In the meantime, you CAN get pull ups that should still fit him (unless he is a particularly big 13 year old). This will help with the sheet washing. It won't make him more likely to wet the bed - I mean, it's not like he is choosing to do this. It's not going to hamper his progress at this stage.

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Update: My son has been on the medication "Desmopressin" for 9 days now and has only had 2 very small wetting accidents and 1 big wetting accident. A HUGE improvement from wetting every night! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed that this is our answer!!

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Update: Ok, so we went to the Dr. and we are going to try the meds again to see if they work this time. If not we will be going to Children's Hospital for a consult appointment. Hoping it doesn't go that far but we will do what we have to to help him.

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We are going in for a well child check up the 2nd of November and I plan on bringing this up again & asking to be referred to a specialist! I am really hoping it isn't a medical issue that would require surgery or anything drastic like that but we will see I guess?

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I agree with seeing a urologist. However if they don't find anything. There is one more common cause for bed wetting, emotional trauma. It isn't always obvious as to what causes the trauma. For my niece it was losing her brother. I had issues with a bipolar father who was extremely unpredictable. Bullying is another cause for emotional trauma.

Sarah - posted on 10/07/2011




I don't have any experience with this type of thing, because my son is only 2. But, have you only seen a general pediatrician for his bed wetting? I would suggest possibly seeing a pediatric urologist. They might be able to give you more specific answers or suggestions for him.

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No, I don't think it is about being cold. The Dr. thinks it is just because he is such a sound sleeper he doesn't wake up when his bladder is full. Hoping when he hits puberty that will change???

Kelina - posted on 10/06/2011




ok this might sound weird but could he be cold? I was a nanny for four boys and two of them wet the bed one was 11. But on the nights I closed the window-no accidents. The only reason their mom couldn't close the window every night was the same boy had difficulties breathing if it got too warm. Try making sure the room is warm all night, it could help.

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