my baby has colds and cough again..i dont know what to do pls?


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vicks baby rub as well as what kristin suggested.. also.. maybe allergies? my son whos 2 1/2.. has them pretty fierce.. yuck. runny nose and cough pretty often.. we have meds and inhaler when he's real wheezy..might be worth visit to allergist

Kristin - posted on 05/03/2010




Keep an eye on your child's temperature. Pretty much anything over 99 to 100 F, call your pediatricians office. I know it varies depending on the child's age, but you didn't give that here so....

Keep bay comfortable, elevate the head of the bed ( no pillows for them yet), a cool mist humidifier/vaporizer, warm/steamy baths/showers, keep nose clear (bulb thing), distract as best you can, and give lots of fluids (breast or formula).

I'm sorry there really isn't a lot we can do for them at this age other than to just give them lots of snuggles.

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