my baby is 5 months and refusing her milk! help!

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hi ladies. i need some advice.. my daughter is 5 months and is refusing one of her bottles in the day.. this was our routine

7AM -----wake

7:30AM--7oz milk

8AM------solids breakfast

11:15AM-7oz milk

12PM-----solids dinner.. (vegies or fruit)

3:15PM---7oz milk

4PM--------solids tea

7PM-------7oz milk

7:30PM---bed.. sleeps untill 7AM

well the problem is that she has started refusing her 11:15AM feed a few days ago.. i tried giving her less solids but she still wont take it.. she seems perfectly happy without it.. i was thinking of giving her a yogurt at 2PM as im a little worried about her going so long without milk.. any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.. but please no ''she does not need solids.. just give her more milk''.. as she is on solids at the advice of doc as she was very hungry.. and she loves it too .. thanks ladies xx


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Kasia - posted on 03/08/2009




She probably just doesn't need it since she's eating so many solids. Many babies her age aren't even eating any solids yet, sounds like she's getting plenty. Don't worry. You can try adding an extra ounce to the 3 other bottles to get a little more in her but she sounds fine without it.

Lindsay - posted on 03/08/2009




Hello . I wouldnt force her to take it . It looks like she may be getting enough food and if she a heathy kid size and weight i wouldnt worry about it. It seems like some times my kids would just pig out and other times they wouldnt. I think it has to do with them going through a groth spurt. If you do give her the yogurt make sure its whole milk they need the fat for brain development.

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