My baby is almost 5 months now, this is my first and I seem to be taking everything out on my husband, like he can't do anything right or enough, has anyone else been there??? PLEASE HELP..


Sarah - posted on 01/11/2012




I totally get where you're coming from. I did the same thing after my first. It's a stressful time, there are many hormonal changes, family dynamic changes, relationship changes, lack of sleep, etc. that can contribute to the stress you are incurring. Stress, sleep deprivation, hormones, and PPD can all lead to irritability, and unfortunately for the men, they are usually the easy victim because we love them, they us, and they are there. Ask for help, whether it be from your hubby for some extra time to yourself to have a long bath, be able to read a book or magazine for a bit, go for tea with a friend. Also really look at your moods in general. When I look back now, I fully believe I had PPD following the birth of my son (undiagnosed and untreated). I really wish now I had sought the help of a physician, perhaps my sanity and my relationship wouldn't have had to suffer so much. It's really hard having a baby whether it's the first or the second or the 15th. Good luck to you.

Candice - posted on 01/11/2012




After you have a baby there are many hormones and emotions that make you feel irritable. A mother has a HUGE responsibility to her infant. Fathers do there very best to help but don't always know what to do this can frustrate them and lead them to pull back. That makes it even harder on a new Mom. The first few months can be very difficult. Each infant and parents have different challenges that can be overwhelming. See if you can find any time ( I know how hard it is) to do something for your self. A hot bath, warm soup and blanket, what ever you can you ease the stress. If you can make time to do something fun/special with your husband/parter during your babies nap it could help ease any frustrations. Try talking about it things he could do to help after the tension subsides. I hope things get better soon, hang in there and don't forget to take care of you. You deserve it!


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User - posted on 01/11/2012




It is hard to adjust to your new routine, but it does get better.. It would depend on how you feel within your self as to how you could control it. I was the same with my first but i hardly got to go out and i an issue with being the one at home all the time when he was in the pubs most of the night after work.. If you can sit and talk to your husband and explain how you feel and that it wont always be like this (because it wont). good luck x

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