My baby is five month old and she will not have anything to do with baby food. Is this normal?


Wendy - posted on 02/23/2009




Try again in another couple of weeks. The usual time to introduce foods is from 4-6 months so maybe she is just not ready.

When you do try again, make sure you start by making the cereal really runny and then gradually add less liquid as she adjusts to the thickness.

Christine - posted on 02/23/2009




Hi maybe she is not ready for solids, start by giving a little farex then give the same amout every day at the same time, she will get used to eating. Try again in another 5 month old eats heaps, breaky lunch and tea, but my friends lil boy doesnt eat anything yet. Dont force her to eat big amounts. Hope this helps


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Jennifer - posted on 02/25/2009




My son HATED baby food. He started at 4 months because he couldn't get enough formula to stay full for longer than an hour, ate it to humor me for a few weeks and then refused altogether. I thought he just preferred formula, so I quit for a while and then tried again. He STILL hated it. Turns out, he was determined to eat what his brother was eating. So, I started feeding him whatever we were eating, but cut or mashed really small. (Roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, potatoes, rice, pasta with tomato sauce...) He took to it like a fish to water and never looked back. He still drank a ton of formula, but didn't care about baby food. My pediatrician said that as long as we were feeding him a variety of things and continuing to give him formula, there wasn't any problem with it, just to be careful about choking. Unfortunately, there's no real science to feeding babies, just be sure to keep offering a variety of foods so they get used to different tastes and textures.

Cheralee - posted on 02/25/2009




My daughter simply did not like baby food and would spit it back at me. We kept trying thinking she would start to take it and she never did. Our dr said as long as she was gaining weight and we continued to offer it so she could learn to swallow it would be fine. When we were ready for the switch to puffs and actual solids with texture she started eating like crazy. Some kids don't like the taste or texture of baby food. Keep offering and if you use jars, maybe try making your own (it has better flavor and nutrients)

Sandra - posted on 02/24/2009




5 monthes is still pretty young for solids.  I'd wait a few weeks and try again.

Sarah - posted on 02/24/2009




5 months is still pretty young to be eating solids. I would wait another month or 2 and then try again. My kids didn't like baby food at all. My oldest wouldn't eat anything mushy, even to this day she is picky about the texture of things she puts in her mouth.Thankfully she had enough teeth to chew a little bit by the time I started giving her solids. Try different things, maybe she doesn't like the flavour.

Lori - posted on 02/24/2009




Hey Elizabeth!  My now 11 month old son was definitely not interested in food in the least until he was 6 months old.  My now 3 y/o daughter on the other hand was more than ready for it at 4 months old.  Just depends on the baby, but I wouldn't worry.  Especially if she is taking an adequate amount of breastmilk or formula.

Tara - posted on 02/23/2009




I started trying our daughter on baby cereal/food at 5 months and she would just spit it out. I just kept trying once a week or so, and when she hit 6 months she started eating - now she'll eat anything I put in front of her. Some babies just take a little longer, I'd keep trying every few days/week, whatever works for you.

Kara - posted on 02/23/2009




I have 5 month old twins... my boy ate a full oz of baby food the first day (last week), and loves it.

My girl actually gagged the first day... not on the spoon, it was when she swallowed a few seconds after the spoon was removed.  So we stopped and waited 2 more days before trying again.  Now she just makes sour faces so I stop after about 1/2 oz or sooner.  We'll work more gradually with her.

So don't worry... just keep offering it without scaring her.

Hatta - posted on 02/23/2009




I agree she may not be ready I would try again in a month and try not just a different thicknesses, but also different types of the approved cereal for this age. If you are breast feeding consider mixing it with expressed milk this helped my second child a great deal.

Alicia - posted on 02/23/2009




Every baby is different, and maybe your baby isn't quite ready.

Definitely try make the cereal runny, so that it's not such a big change from a completely liquid diet. Also, sometimes the spoon throws them I've read to use your finger and let them suck it off, just so they get used to the food.

Also, sometimes trying a different brand name of food sometimes helps.

Joy - posted on 02/23/2009




nothing is really normal with  babies, they all develop so differently. just keep trying. my son is 5 and a half months and loves his food. I started him on baby rice cereal mixed with a little formula and then gradually added diff tastes like apple and pear puree and carrot is a good one as well. let him takes his time and just keep trying every now and again. babies are supposed to develop a liking for food around 6 months so as long as he is still drinking his milk you shouldnt worry.

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