My baby is having hard times to sleep

Shahd - posted on 04/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi every1,

I really need some advice regarding sleeping"naps and through the night" , my LO is 5.5 months he used to be a good sleeper until suddenly 2 months ago, everything changed.

He shows signs of sleep but once I try to put him in bed, he starts playing. Then after a while he becomes overtired and fussy starts kicking and pulling my hair and moves a lot in a nervous way. I try to sing to him sometimes it works but not always, he can also stay awake for almost 4 hours through the day then napping for maximum and hour if I'm lucky. Sometimes he naps for 20 minutes.

And he wakes almost every hour at night, and because I'm extremely exhausted i just feed him while I'm sleeping.

It's very frustrating specially that he used to have his own routines since birth but all changed suddenly.

I started him on semi-solids so It's not hunger.

And due to all this I can't work on routines during the day, no specific play times no reading time ..nothing.

I'm frustrated and exhausted.


Lynn R - posted on 04/14/2013




Being exhausted is never any baby is now 17 months and a good sleeper most of the time but for a very long while she had colic and our lives were a blur of frustration and no sleep. Putting on nightly soothing music has helped tremendously and I'm so relieved that we figured that out. Our lives were for ever changed. So now every night she looks forward to the music to not only help her sleep but help with the transition of the day into
"now is quiet time for sleeping".
( I now use another cd of calming songs for day time naps as well.)
Get rest when you can and stay as relaxed and calm as you can for your babies sake and soon he'll hopefully be sleeping.... well , like a baby!

Elfrieda - posted on 04/13/2013




I wonder if he is having a hard time falling asleep because you are there with him. My daughter is like that, we have to go away in order for her to sleep.

I would start putting him to nap by the clock, and gritting your teeth and bearing it if he cries about it. Wake at 7ish am, nap at 9am, 12 noon, and sometime in the afternoon, like 3ish. Bed at 6 or 7pm.
I let my 5.5 month old cry up to 20 minutes when I put her to bed. She cries more when she's overtired, but when she's well-rested she falls asleep without any unhappiness at all.

Also, something I heard so I tried it and it worked: around 45 minutes into the nap when the baby starts making sounds, wait 10 minutes and maybe he'll go back to sleep for another 45 minutes. I had been running in as soon as she peeped, but I was actually interrupting her sleep by doing that.

I have no idea how to stop him waking up so much at night, though. My daughter still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night to eat. I don't know why, she can go 3-4 hours during the day! Very tiring.


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Shahd - posted on 04/15/2013




I'm now trying to work on some routines. I put him to bed last night at 7:15 pm after a shower.
It was sooooo hard. At first he slept for 5 minutes then He got really nervous and started screaming alot. I left him in bed and went out the room. But I went back to him after his crying got really intense. I picked him up nursed him a bit to calm him. Then I put him back to bed, again he slept for 5 minutes and started all over again. I went back to him but this time I didn't pick him him up. Just tapped. He went to sleep and woke up after 3 hours. The longest time he ever slept.

My main problem is that we're sharing the same room. So every time he beeps I jump to nurse him because I'm too tired to try to put him back to sleep,

Hope to go back home soon and stop these terrible habits. Guess being in separated rooms will make him sleep better.

Today is our first day of routines. Hope I can make it :)

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