my baby is suffering from cough and sore throat also please give me some tips how i take care of my baby


Kristina - posted on 08/23/2013




I am a mother of 3 little guys; 6yrs,3yrs and almost 2yrs. A natural med that works great for aches do to illness,teething or just a growing baby is Gripe water. Also they Gripe blue bottle have teething tables that also are GREAT and other meds. That will help calm but not harmful to baby's system. We have also tried a spoon full of warm honey before bed,help sooth their throats. A humidifier is also really nice and/or rubbing,baby vaseline on their chest and (have not tried) but I hear rubbing it on the bottom of their feet can also help relax babies when they are sick. Hopefully this helps.

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