my baby not speaking any words till now

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my baby is 10 months old he is not saying any words like mama or dada
till now


Carol - posted on 06/27/2012




10 months is early to start talking. Both my kids started around a year. I read a ton of books and they were within the normal range. I ran into a speech therapist through work that insisted babies should be saying a huge range of words by 1 year old, just one at a time. Every doctor and book and life in general came to the conculsion that she was a nut job hell bent on providing her own job security by diagnosing every infant with speech delays. By 2 years my oldest was well beyond the normal range. My younger son didn't say as much, but then he got his tonsils out at 3 and I guess he had problems breathing and talking at the same time (really, really big tonsils and adnoids so big he never breathed out his nose). He just turned 9 last week and he's been making up for lost speech ever since the operation. They never shut up!!! lol
Count your blessing and silence while it lasts. It is a beautiful day the first time they say Mama though.

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