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My 4 year old baby girl is bright and smart.She is good in her studies and other activities.But my only challenge is her inability to make friends.She was immensely loved and pampered by her cousins who stay in the neighborhood.But now,due to some family issue between the grown ups she is avoided and rejected by them.She don't realize that as a child.But she longs to be among them.I am totally against sending her to them because as a mother I notice they try to ignore and avoid her.It hurts me.I cant tell her they don't want her anymore and that all the love and attention they had for her were fake.That would be so much for a child to take.I only want to show her good things in life.I don't want to tell her yet,how this world is also full of bad people.Only to secure her childhood and fill it with good friends I look for kids she could be friends with,in the park where I take her regularly.But she doesn't want anybody else.She wont make friends with no one.She tries to bully those who come close and avoid them.Sometimes she would like some but she fails to get along.My child speaks English.She cant speak the local language fluently.Somebody please help.


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Thank You Katie.My daughter goes to school already.She is in nursery.Children here are enrolled in play schools at 2.5-3years.There's not much burden of studies but she is quite competitive at school.Teachers don't seem to have any complaints against her.I know those children by names who she gets along with.And I try to put all my efforts to keep her friendships last longer.But very soon she looses interest from those whom she would call her friends.I fear is she is been rejected by those children for some reason?What should be the best way to make her feel socially secured.Being a mother is such a great honor,but to keep up this honor is so difficult.All I want at this stage is to find comfort of a friend to my baby.

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That's sad how the adult situation is affecting the cousin relationship. I hope it works out in the long run and they can be close friends again.

Enrolling your daughter in a pre-school or kindergarten might be a good idea. That way she will be around other children her own age and over time, will make plenty of wonderful friends. The teachers will help support your daughter in making new friends too. Friendships take time among children, they tend to play alongside each other then over a period of time, they start to connect and play together. Good luck!

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