My babygirl only wants mommy, help?

Kyla - posted on 11/11/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I think my daughter has seperation anxiety! She is a breastfed baby and she is a very happy healthy baby, but all the time she wants mommy only. She will laugh and play with daddy and family and will go to them for a short few mins but then will go right back to me. Daddy does work a lot, so mommy does everything like the naps and baths and stuff but even when daddy is home she will not let daddy lay her down! She will not let me leave her alone anywhere, if I'm in the room she's okay to be put down for a very short amount of time but that's it.. when I put her down for naps I can't even leave her bc she will wake in less than 10 mins. I'm suppose to start a part time job but will have to quit if she can't get through this. I'm just now starting to have her try out bottles and sippies cups bc she prefers normal cups instead but she only wants my breast milk and I can never pump more than an ounce. I neeed helppp!!! Ahhhhh.


Brandee - posted on 11/11/2012




best thing is to let her know that she doesnt need mommy around all the time. my daughter did the same thing except for she wasnt breastfed but i was a single mom at the time and lived with my mother. i always put her in her room and told her to play with her toys so i could get things done through the house. usually a child does this when he/she was held a lot the first year. and thats not good. my 3rd child, which is a boy, he is only 4 months and his grandparents spoil him a lot and holds him most of the time they have him so he expects to be held all the time which is not good. so he thinks me and his daddy have to hold him all the time. but anyways, i broke my daughter by sticking her in our room and had her play with her toys. sometimes i put her in her play pin and left her there. she cried but once she got into her toys, then she was fine. daddy was almost always working so i didnt really have much help when she was that young. she is 3 now and knows mommy doesnt need to be around her all the time now. i also had my family members take her for a little bit so she can get use to not being around me all the time. i am a stay at home mother though. so it was hard but at the same time easy. good luck with her though.


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