my babys getting hurt in her crib!

Lindsey - posted on 03/10/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




so we were trying to let our 6 month old daughter try to cry it out at night to put her self back to sleep via adivse from family. we got her to bed and she started to fuss about 30 minutes later. i told my boyfriend to let her cry it out and so we continued to watch tv and listen to her fuss. all of a sudden we heard a thud and ty ran into check on her. lilly is crawling and pulling herself up to things and standing up and she must of been doing this in her crib and fell backwards and hit her head. we are traumatized and dont feel safe letting her cry it out in her crib now. how do we get her to sleep all through the night if we cant sleep fearing for her safety. help! any suggestions


Nikki - posted on 03/10/2010




you do have to do what works best for your baby and yourself! i did the cio method it took about 3 nights and now i just lay her in her bed at the same time every night and with in 5 mins she's out! if you are NOT comfortable with this method DON"T DO IT! it's not right for everyone! if you do want to continue using it try using a pack n play first untill she gets used to the idea of putting herself to's softer so if she does fall it won't hurt her! when she does put her self to sleep for a few days try the crib again! good luck! hope this helps and remember if your not comfortable with it she won't be!!!

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My third child is now 10 months old and I never did the let them cry it out thing with any of my children. I always rock my babies to sleep. You just need to be consistent with a bedtime and have a routine. We do dinner, bath, story, and bed. I rock my 10 month old for a few minutes and he's out, then I lay him in his crib and he sleeps all night. The only catch is you have to be sure that your baby is good and asleep before laying them down. Don't do things just because someone else suggests it though, you have to do what works for you and your baby!


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Erin - posted on 03/15/2010




The cry it out thing seems a bit much, in my opinion. i think it would only be ok if you KNOW they are very tired, sometimes they are just trying to stay up. my son is about 17 months and when i put him down for a nap or bed, after we have gone through our routine, i know he is tired, but he may cry for a couple of mins and then fall asleep.
we had a similar experience with him when he was about that age. whenever he wakes up i check on him. Another time i waited to check, he had fallen down and had his arm "stuck" in the crib rails, or so he thought. Its always best to check them. At 6 months old i don't think they know how to manipulate their parents, it is ok to pick him/her up every time, as long as you want to.

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I totally understand where you are coming from with the let the baby cry it out thing, and then something happening. My 2nd eldest was a climber and would climb out of his crib, being tired he would usually end up bumping and bruising himself. Like the other mom was saying put her into a good sleep and then put her down. If not and you want her to learn how to put herself to sleep I suggest you sitting in there. I know this is tiring and a bit longer but it works. If you sit in there and don't make eye contact or speak to her it will reassure him that you are there. It worked well enough for my two oldest. They just wanted to know that I was there or that I would come back if they were crying. Its hard being mommy and letting them cry sometimes. I don't know who was more scarred by that "helpful advice" from my family at the time, me or the baby. Really they generally get the idea though after a short while. Your her mommy and will figure out what works best =)

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Okay, I know being a mom can be scarey and very stressfull!! Believe me i have 3! I did let my kids cry, but i always checked on them every 5 to 10 minutes. The first time just be soothing but lay them back down the second time tell them that it is bedtime and the next time don't say anything. It took 2 nights of doing this but it worked. Each chid is different but I agree with the other mom also though you Do have to stick to a schedule. It makes it much easier for baby to understand what is going on. GOOD LUCK!!

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Awwww.....hope she's ok?! Do you have a baby monitor set up in her room? I LOVE daughter is 18 months tomorrow and I still turn hers on and listen to her even while she naps during the day! Might put ur mind at ease? Most of them work quite well......sorry I couldn't be of more help!? Good luck!

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Make sure she is tired when she goes down. Give her a lovey (pacifier, favorite blanket, teddy, etc), you can try putting one of your worn shirts in the crib so she has your scent and feels you are near, white noise helps, either sound/beat machine, fan, or humidifier. Hope some of this will help. We did cry it out, but my son didn't cry that long. He also can't pull himself up yet so we don't have that challenge, he is almost 9 months old.

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