my bay is climbing the table and dresser.I need a sugestion on what can i do?


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Elena - posted on 02/03/2013




Thank you Alina, very helpful comments. Now i Know I'm not alone in this lol. :)

Alina - posted on 02/02/2013




Lol Elena. That sounds so much like my son! When he learned to walk at 11 months, I turned my back for a few seconds and he'd climbed on top of the kitchen counter! Freaked me out, girl. I tried to prevent the climbing by removing furniture, chairs, stools, etc., away from anything he could use to climb on stuff. His cousin used to do the same thing! I don't know if it's just boys or what! My daughter didn't do it. I would put him in his crib and playpen, too, until he learned how to climb out of those, too. Sometimes I would strap him in his stroller and make sure he couldn't get out of it, just to cook or something! One day when I put him in his room with all his toys (thought it would keep him occupied) so I could cook, I went to check on him and he'd made it to the linen closet and pulled all the towels from the bottom shelf onto the floor! He would climb on the table and try to climb on the dresser, too. Like I said, I removed any and everything that could be used as a ladder-like object. It didn't stop all climbing, but it stopped the majority so he didn't end up hurt. You may have to close the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms for a while since your baby can't turn the door knob yet. It at least eliminates you from having to be concerned about the baby getting hurt in those rooms if you're in another part of the house. Do you have any safety gates up? May be time for some of those. Put child-proof locks on drawers and cabinets that can be used as climbing aids if opened. If nothing else, you may need to find a baby gym class :)

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