My boyfriend and I argue a lot now....

Emily - posted on 01/27/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I love spending the day with my son, connor, he's 12 months old, and i like keeping the house clean and organized....but my boyfriend & i fight a lot here lately because whenever he gets home from college & work i expect him to do all the diaper changing, feeding, bathing etc.

he wants "him" time he wants to play video games and just sit and watch tv. i want "me" time, i want to go out with friends and get outta the house.

and i always feel like i deserve the break because i was here with my son all day... he wasnt. Does anybody else feel this way or are we just being stupid. any suggestions?


Caryn - posted on 01/27/2010




In our house DH works 8-5 and I stay home to raise the kids and keep house. When he gets home, he takes the kids while I cook dinner. We have dinner together as a family then after he takes the kids again while I clean the dishes. Once I'm done with that we share the time between then and bedtime. We are a team, we are both the parents, not just one of us.
Have you considered maybe getting a part-time job in the evening just for some time out of the house? Or maybe even taking a class a couple nights a week. It would be good for your bf and your son to be able to spend that time together and it will also get you out by yourself for a bit :)


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Well, my hubby works all day and when he gets home, I give him time to un-wind and relax before I dump a ton of kids on him. But we have 4 kids :) I usually just take an hour or two for myself in the evenings.

Good Luck :)

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