My child is 10 months old and has recently started to stand. Naps are a nightmare now, as she just keeps standing up and then cries. Any suggestions on how to get the naps back? I don't really want to go in and lay her down all the time, so I have let her cry for awhile (15-20 min) and then I go in, lay her down again, and say its naptime. What did you all do with this? Thanks so much!


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I just let my 2 cry it out.  My daughter, now 3, took about 2 weeks to realise that I wasn't a push over and she just lay down and went to sleep.  Even now, at 1.30 she'll ask to go for her nap.  My son, now 2,  took about 3 afternoons to figure it out.  If you take your child into your bed or rock them to sleep they'll find it very hard when they're older to put themselves to sleep.  They need to be able to soothe themselves and put themselves to sleep by the time their a year old.  Of course some Mums don't have these problems, but do you want to be the one that does?  I certainly didn't.  It wasn't worth taking the chance.  My Mum keeps reminding me that it's called "tough love" for a reason.  Good luck!  I know how heartbreaking it is to hear them cry but be reassured it's for her own good, as well as your own.


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Lesley - posted on 03/09/2009




Normally I let all 3 of mine CIO. It only lasted about 5 minutes at the most then they would lay down and go to sleep. If they kept on after about 10 minutes, I'd go get them, give them a sip of something and let them stay up a bit longer. Then the next time I lay them down, they don't fight it as much.

My kids are 7, 5, & 1 and now they love their sleep! lol

Good luck and I hope this phase passes quickly. It's really hard for us to listen to, I know.

Jennifer - posted on 03/09/2009




Thanks so much to everyone who responded! I plan on sticking with the program and letting her work it out. Will let you all know!

Amy Jo - posted on 03/09/2009




After going into my son's room 3 times during naptime today, I came in to post the same question you did. I'm going to try what the others said about letting him cry a bit and then going in to lay him down. Good luck to me and you!

Angela - posted on 03/09/2009




My 11 month old did the same thing and still does from time to time. It was new for her so she wanted to stand all the time. I would let her cry for a little bit then go in and lay her down. I just kept laying her down till she stayed. It was frustrating. Especially at night. But after a few days, she went back to laying right down and going to sleep. Like I said though, there are still days where she wants to fight taking a nap. Be strong and good luck.

Sarah - posted on 03/09/2009




That is pretty much what you do, just stay calm and use a reassuring voice and she will eventually understand that the rules aren't changing it is still naptime.  That is what I did with my two girls and after a couple days they got back into their routine

Ashley - posted on 03/09/2009




I know the letting them cry routine always seems cruel (even if your the one using it) but I did it and like Rene said eventually my son got tired around nap times instead of fighting me. And then since he was routinely in bed at a certain time it helped with bed times too.

Rene - posted on 03/09/2009




i was a let them cry mom its really hard but after 1 to 2 weeks of EVERYDAY at the same time i would put them down they got to where they were just tired at that time of day its funny how once they have a schedule they stick to it my girls all did afternoon about half an hour after lunch and the little boys liked morning 10:30 i let them pick when and then i just stuck to it

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I have this same problem with my 8 month old.  She stands up and howls.  It's so sad!  And I'm not a believer in letting them cry it out either.  I do two things.  First there's always the routine.  She gets her bath, then into her jammies.  Then wrapped up in a favorite blanket and rocked with a bottle.  If she's a little squirmy I'll hum to her.  That'll usually have her out in 10 -15 min.  If that doesn't work I'll lay her down in my bed and lay with her.  I keep one hand around her ankle so she can't go over the edge.  then I shut off the lights, close my eyes, and breathe really regular.  Yes, sometimes I fall asleep but usually she'll just lay down and go to sleep within a half hour or so.  Then I move her back to her crib.  Hope some of this helps.

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