My child is looking for a great 5th birthday party, he is very arty. Not sure what to do, but i do have a tight budget.He is the youngest of three.


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Jennifer - posted on 09/05/2012




Wonderful a 5th Birthday P-Art-y!

Here are a few ideas:

- T-shirts are around $5 at JoAnn's. They could decorate them with paints or tie-dye for favors.

- Paint a group birthday mural on rolled out piece of art paper.

- Sidewalk chalk

- Poster paints and wooden birdhouses, shapes, masks from JoAnn's. (I don't work there, just shop there a lot because they have tons of inexpensive art projects for kids)

- Face/ hand painting station

- Pipecleaner scuptures

- Decorate foam hats, doorhangers, etc.

- Decorate blank puzzles for a unique favor

- Draw pictures, "frame" (with crazy construction paper frames), and arrange them in an "art gallery" - name them and take pictures with the artists

- Use "found" objects to create scuptures of all sorts

- "Fingerpaint" with their feet on a large rolled out paper

- Fun with fabric - use different sizes, colors, and textures. Let them use their imaginations to come up with outfits. Or, let them decorate paper buddies with creative outfits

- Play soft background music

- Art supply scavenger hunt - collect items and then make something creative with them

- Make and decorate birthday hats - stickers, crayons, paints, glue, glitter, yarn, pom pons, etc

- Create a "band" and have a parade

Remember, kids this age love to play. Only about 3, maybe 4, activities are really needed. (My daughter is 5 too.) We have also gone to sugar cookies instead of cake. The kids are given a cookie (or a few), and a small amount of white icing. They sit on the floor on a disposable table cloth from the party store. Then we bring out the colored sugar shakers. I usually make shaped cookies, but you can use regular round ones. For a drink, we serve healthy juice pouches. Clean up is a breeze. Just fold everything up and toss. I don't normally do this, but once a year it's so easy and keeps the party moving.

I hope these ideas help. :) Happy Birthday Buddy!

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