My child won't take a bite. Help!

Sarah - posted on 05/31/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Does anyone have suggestions on how to get my 13-month old to at least try a bite of something new? Or maybe this is one of those times I should wait a week and try again? I'm just getting so frustrated because I make most of what she eats so all of the time making it seems wasted.


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√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/31/2011




Does she watch you when you eat? My son does this and since he has we started to let him 'taste' things. He's 7 months now, so we started around 5-6 months letting him lick this and that. Not bite it.

How often do you feed her? Maybe she's just not hungry. Have you tried mixing the formula or breastmilk with the new foods? I hear that can help sometimes.

Does she eat anything at all? Drink anything like water and juice combos?

Candi - posted on 05/31/2011




Give her time. If you try to force her to eat it, she will reject it even more. If she is not eating anything at all, she may have a toothache or a sore in her mouth, so check that first. Most kids are scared to try new things. My kids love eggs, so one day (when they were toddlers), I made them green eggs and ham. They refused to eat the eggs. They thought they were rotten. lol. Maybe arrange the food on the plate to make a face or get a plate or bowl with a picture on the bottom so she has to finish all of her food to see the picture. Just try different things. Kids' taste buds change quickly. My kids used to eat mayonnaise, but now they hate it. They used to hate Mac and cheese, now they love it. The only kind of sandwich my youngest will eat is a jelly sandwich. Its a lot of trial and error with little ones! Good Luck

Rebecca - posted on 05/31/2011




Keep offering it in small portions with other things on the plate, meaning one of each, like a corn cob, a carrot stick, two mouth size portions of chicken, 1/4 piece buttered bread, a 1/4 piece of apple or pear. I know that some may growl at this, but I have had luck when she;s concentrating on a fav tv show because she mindlessly eats what's on her plate and is half way through chewing before she realises its something new, figures it tastes okay and keeps eating. My hubby and I have also been partial to making a show of us eating it with her, being a little over the top with facial expressions and 'mmmm yummy' words and even making a plate up for ourselves in the afternoon and eating it in front of her. The curiosity gets the better of her and she comes over for a bite (she wants what we have). The old trick advise and I tend to be partial to it is (not saying you are then offering anything else) that if that's only what you're offering, bub will eventually eat what is in front of them, their hunger will over ride their pickiness so once they reject a food, they shouldn't be offered a food they do like, they should just be offered that same food again if fifteen minutes later they are crying hunger.
Best of luck hun, it can be so frustrating but resistence is the key

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