My Cleaning Schedule! What does yours look like? (DP)

Maggie - posted on 04/30/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




I made a cleaning schedule for myself. This way I make sure things get done though out the week. Even the things we dont normally see much of. Also schedule in what I will be making for dinner, ect.. Of course I will try to keep everything tidy all day so the schedule will have just the main things I want to focus on that day besides all the little extra details that are done anyway.

Starting Today:

Monday- Mop, Seperate Laundry, Clean Bathroom (that goes as far as scrubbing tub, toilet, ect..) Dinner: Spegetti with Meatballs/Garlic Bread/and Salad.

Tuesday- Wash Clothes (All Clothes). Takes 2-3 hours at laundry mat. Fold and Hang up clothes, Dust Blinds/Shelves/Furniture. Dinner: Chicken Tacos/Rice/Beans/Salad

Wednesday- Mop, Clean Refrigerator and Wipe down Stove. Dinner: Fish Burgers (sides vary), Fish sticks for 1 year old.

Thursday- Clean Bathroom (Same expectation as Monday), Make sure rooms are decent and clean and nothing has gone totally wrong if so pick up a little more than usual today. Dinner: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Friday- Mop, Seperate and Wash Laundry, Throw away Old un-eaten food in refrigerator and wipe down stove. Dinner: Daddy is suprising us with dinner today
Saturday- Take a break. Today is family day. Go out, Eat Out, have fun and Enjoy your day.

Sunday- Mop and mak sure all rooms look tidy, Maybe do some deep cleaning today? Go threw drawers and Cabinets, Closets or boxes stored with miscellaneous items. Dinner: Strogenoff (sp?)

Everyday Expectations: Pick up after yourself and your little one constantly through out the day. Dont let things sit and pile or add up. Husband takes out the trash daily. Mommy gets One Hour every other day to go to the gym. If you didnt go today make sure you go tomorrow. Dishes get washed after every meal and if that doesnt happen it gets done when kids are in bed (Dont forget to shower too).


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Fit2BMe - posted on 11/25/2012




In our house sweeping, cleaning te kitchen, and Laundry are pretty well daily. Laundry more every other day. We cloth diaper here, so I'm just on automatic mode with that. The beauty is that its never a big deal.

We live in a large home, however generally keep things tidy and organized so that it is manageable. Now in January when my next Baby arrives, that might change! LOL.

Here's what we do:

Monday-Clean all 4 Bathrooms

Tuesday-Deep Clean/Organize something

Wednesday-Bedding, Laundry Room, Garbage

Thursday-widows, walls, dusting

Friday-Boy's bedrooms and playroom

Weekends-vacuume, Mop, clean out cars, any bigger projects, Groceries!

We generally roughly plan meals on the weekend when doing our grocery shop. DS1 has extensive food sensitivities and DH typically isn't home from work until after kids have to eat, so dinner is in two shifts--kids, then us after kids are in bed (which is typically by 6:30/7pm)

Stacy - posted on 11/22/2012




My schedule is similar where I have certain days that I do yard work, laundry, cleaning the floors, and bathrooms. And of course every day cleaning such as tidying, dishes, sweeping the floors etc. I think it's great to have a schedule set up in that way. My house is always tidy so I have time to spend with my son, husband or free time for myself. It's much easier to relax when the house is clean and it doesn't take very long when you keep up on it.

Lisa - posted on 11/20/2012




I sweep whenever i see stuff that needs to be swept up. I use a steam mop when the floor looks like it needs it. I do a big vacuum once a week. But I also own a small vacuum that just cleans the surface and I use that an additional 2 or 3 times per week on the main floor only depending on if my 2 year old has spilled crumbs or if dirt has been tracked through onto the front door mat. I clean my bathrooms twice a month because they don't look dirty before that. I put clean sheets on the beds every sunday. I don't move furniture to vacuum, not the heavy stuff anyhow. I have a kitchen spray that i use for the stove top and I always like my stove top clean. I clean the burners when they get dirty. I use the same spray for the kitchen counters, maybe once a week, the rest just using a soapy cloth.

In addition... if I see the fridge looks like it needs a clean i do it. Laundry gets done when a basket gets full. I have 3, one for me and my husband, one for my daughter and one for sheets and towels. The dishes get done daily, as well as tidying up the living room.

My mother literally cleans a CLEAN house. I have no interest in doing that! I would rather spend time with my family then doing hours upon hours of cleaning!

Oh also... my husband has an office, that is his deal I don't touch it!

Oh ya... if I see any toys that are looking dirty or sticky I will wash as needed!

Anne - posted on 11/20/2012




wow maggie u and i have a lot in common, coz i think knowing what im making for dinner is as hard as cleaning the house, but can i ask if ur garlic bread is home made or bought lol if home made can u let me in on how coz when i make it , it doesnt taste as right thanx

User - posted on 05/07/2012




I live in a tiny flat so it's not very hard to clean.I vacuum everyday as I don't want her to mouth crumbs.I mop the floor every other day as she crawls a lot.I live pretty high up in this apartment so it's not extremely dusty.I do general dusting and vacuum both rooms every week. Laundry is also once a week and I absolutely dread ironing- I only do it twice a month (^_*) v . Meals are simple- planned per week as shopping is done about the same. I only have myself and the baby to feed most times so what ever is lunch is dinner as well-like casseroles, stews etc...I pick up toys as needed-meaning as long as it's not withing my steps, I let it be-every other day at most.I'm not OC but I do like things neat and orderly.

Maggie - posted on 05/01/2012




LOL! We dont eat the same thing week after week. The dinner schedule changes. Even the house work can change depending on what gets done and what might not get done or maybe something needs to be added in place of something else. We also go out, I take my girls to the park, the zoo, on playdates, we have out door fun, recently we did messy fun week, we played with finger paints outside, jumped in mud puddles when it rained, and today we are going outside and playing with waterballoons. If we leave the house we come back to a clean house so there is no added house work for me. I wipe the stove after every meal is made, The days marked to wipe down stove means just to wash the burners and wipe down the inside of the stove if needed. Doesnt take longer than 15-20 minutes. The Refrigerator is always clean so throwing away un-needed food and wiping it clean takes another 15-20 minutes. All this can be easily done while my girls nap or play in another room or even close by. The moping may take a little longer but I dont live in a big house. We have 5 rooms in my apartment so I usually mop the kitchen and the bathroom and my bedroom early in the morning, Then when my girls are distracted in the living room I mop their room. When they are napping I mop the living room.

Janice - posted on 05/01/2012




I do need to get organized because I've become a lazy bum and only the bare minimum (dishes, laundry, ect) is getting done on a daily basis. I need to do spring cleaning. There is a ton of clutter in our apartment.

But I could never eat the same thing week after week. If we eat the same meal more than 2 weeks in a row, hubby is complaining and I'm not thrilled either.

In general every morning I do the dinner dishes and put in a load of laundry. Then play with kids or go out to the store or park. Then while my daughter (2 y.o.) eats lunch I vacuum if my 5 mo. old isnt crying or eating. Then I sweep, mop, wipe down kitchen surfaces and do laundry while she is sleeping in between dealing with the baby because he likes to be miserable while his sister sleeps. I make dinner almost every night and then while watching TV fold laundry. At some point (usually 2-3x a week) I wipe down the bathroom.

Its things like cleaning out closets and washing windows and going through papers that get left undone.

Michelle - posted on 05/01/2012




I'm with Louise. My life doesn't revolve around housework at all. I do plan dinner and I cook each night mainly because hubby gets home around 6pm and the kids are usually hungry then.
Hubby is supposed to do the dishes but it doesn't always work that way. If he hasn't done them I'll do them.

I clean the house as needed depending on if I have all 3 kids are if the boys are with their Dad. The rest of my life is too sheduled with the kids activies and my work and volunteer positions so it gets done when it gets done.

Louise - posted on 05/01/2012




Sounds a bundle of laughs in your house! lol

Sometimes being organised like this is what some people need. Me on the other hand, I look around me and do what needs doing. Dinners are planned in advance to allow for shopping, but we toss a coin to see who is going to cook them! Who ever cooks washes up and gives the other person the night off. When little one is in bed tidy all the clutter away ready for her to pull it all out again the next day!

If the sun is out the housework can wait!

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