My daughter dosent stop crying after she wake up from a nap

Sophia - posted on 09/23/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




She dosent seem to stop crying after i pick her up from her crib. I try feed her she dosent want to eat, I change her diaper she still cries. what could it be?


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Lisa - posted on 09/23/2009




I let my daughter wake up on her own, and she comes out when she's ready. Sometimes she takes a while and goes potty, and other times I just happen to notice she's up and I'll go lay down with her and snuggle. But I never try to engage her in much.
how old is your daughter? maybe she just needs a cuddle to wake up fully. I just saw that she sleeps in a crib, if she's old enough why not move her to a toddler bed so she can get out if she wants?
I agree with the Elizabeth on maybe she just needs time to wake up and some water. good luck!

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My son always cries when he wakes up if he's still tired. I just lie him down and sing him back to sleep, and he's usually down again in a couple of minutes...she may just be tired and need a bit more sleep.

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yes, my 2 yr old is the same as me, wants to just chill and drink his cup.. im not fan of the am.. as far as naps.. he used to get so mad bc he didnt sleep long enough that i would put him back up crying and screaming for at least 15 min, whether he went back to sleep or not, sometimes he would.. other times i would wait till i could hear him talking happily and go get him again.. then he was fine

Sharrie - posted on 09/23/2009




lol elizabeth my daughter is the same she just wants to have time on her own to wake up properly and when shes ready she just goes and plays. Give it a try Sophia even if you relax with her on the lounge until shes ready to play. Good luck

ELIZABETH - posted on 09/23/2009




Well how do we fell after we wake up, pretty tired and not ready to moved around. When I get my daughter up i just let her chill out on the couch for a while and offer her a sippy cup. Just think of how you feel when you wake up and try to run with it. My daughter was the same way and it ended up being she was just thirsty and wanted to be left alone. Good luck when children don't speak yet it can be a nightmare to figure out why they are crying, sometimes they just cry. Good luck again

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