my daughter have over weight what can i do


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Jana - posted on 01/26/2009




I was on the "thick" side when I was a child, but I was always very active and loved my veggies.  That's jut how I was built, I slimmed out in middle school without changing any eating/excerise habits.  As long as she is eating properly and is active I wouldn't worry too much.  Everyone has a set body type and trying to hard to fight DNA can cause more harm then good.  I would hate to have too much "you need to do this, you need to do that" it might cause a bigger problem with food later on.   I'm sure you know if your daughter needs to cut back on certain foods, but I wouldn't deny her anything, I would just have her eat the "non-healthy" choices in moderation. 

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It's not healthy to restrict a young child's diet. Choose mostly from your four food groups and don't obsess about weight. Making her self conscious about her weight can lead to serious eating disorders and hurt her self esteem. If you are actually concerned, you need to take her to a dietitian but chances are, it is a normal developmental stage and you need to ignore it.... society is too obsessed about weight:(

Ghada - posted on 01/26/2009




thanks all for your replying my daughter is six years all she have a big stomach everybody give a comment about her all the time before she eat vegetables especially tomato and cucumber and drinks a lot of milk I stopped it to two times only but now she eat too much choclate and all the time she want to eat I don't know how to stopped it I'm always trying with her with talking that u should be less than this weight she is not tall enough in range but know I have to be strict with her I don't like anybody to talk about her all make me in stress and I'm afraid about her a lot to be younger with this body right now I'm to trying in choosing the health food how much I can and how much she except to let me choose to her the time and the food she eat thanks a lot for all for your advises I will go for it . I'm so lucky to have friends like yours u give more push to be in my ways thanks a lot

Dawn - posted on 01/26/2009




i agree with courtney about the diet. we limit juice too. my daughter is a juice junkie so what we do is put a splash of juice in her cup and fill it with water. that way she thinks it's juice. we don't allow soda or those sugary juice boxes. only give her the natural juice such as welchs or juicy juice. and watch the labels for juice cocktail as these are higher in sugar. offer healthy snacks such as fruits and veggies first...if she doesn't like these you can try pretzels (in moderation) or lite popcorn (assuming she's old enough for that), pudding, yogurt, cheese etc. as far as meals go limit processed foods. try whole wheat pasta if she likes it. and lean chicken or pork instead of beef. if you like hamburger get the 90% lean if you can find it. and get her to exercise more. if you can't go outside pop in some music and dance with her. my daughter has some videos that teach her how to dance...kind of a kid version of aroebics!! hope this helps. and if she's not that much over weight don't stress! my daughter was always a peanut but my 8 month old son is in the 90%. he's HUGE!! but healthy so that's all that matters.

Courtney - posted on 01/26/2009




How old is your daughter?? I really think that alot of times doctors overreact. My daughter is 4 and has always been in the 70th percentile or higher on the doctors graphing. However she is very tall for a 4 year. I am sure you are concerned since you asked for help/suggestion. I would not give her a lot of fruit juices and if you choose to give fruit juices do a 1 to 4 ratio. 1 oz of juice to 4 oz of water!. Limiting the number of times she eats fast food or other fried itmes would be helpful too! Increased activity. I am not sure if any of these suggestions have already been tried but they have seemed to help my daughter. Above all just make sure she eats healthy foods and is active. If she is I would not stress about her weight. Hope that this helps!

Allyne - posted on 01/26/2009




how old is your daughter? The best thing is a good healthy diet and exercise!

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