My daughter is 1yr old and she is not drinking milk from past 3 days but is eating food and cheese.


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Angela - posted on 06/20/2010




my daughter stopped breasfeeding at 13 months and then refused to have any milk. I spoke to my maternal health nurse and she said as long as she was getting three serves of calcium based food everyday then it shouldn't be a prob. So she started to have a yoghurt, piece of cheese, milk in her cereal and custard daily. today she is 2 years old and even though i might be able to get her to drink half a glass to a glass of milk a day, she still continues to get 1-2 serve of calcium a day to make up for the lack of milk which is what is recommended!

Amber - posted on 06/20/2010




3.25% milk is important if not breastfeeding because all babies need a source of good fat in their diet. If your daughter is eating dairy that is good but I would still encourage milk drinking. Try making smoothies with fruit and milk, offer milk in a fun cup with a funky straw, offer it warm or cold. Just try different things.

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