My daughter is 2 and half yrs old and still has her dummy she wants it all the time day and night. Can any mums give me any ideas on how to wean her off her dummy Thanks.


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Bonnie - posted on 10/01/2011




For now, until you are prepared to get rid of it completely, try to just limit it to nap time and overnight. I have heard of mothers cutting the nipple and showing their child it is broken and needs to be thrown out. It seems to work.

Natasha - posted on 09/30/2011




thanks very much ladies for all the great ideas i can try. i hate seeing her get really upset when she doesnt have it but i will have to be tough and try my best to keep her distratcted from her dummy

[deleted account]

I personally think the best way to do it is tell her that on such and such day she i s going to be a big girl and the dummies have to go and then throw the lot in the bin and hope she doesnt complain to much about it

Michelle - posted on 09/30/2011




You could try the pacifier fairy thing. The paci fairy takes all the paci's to give to baby's who need them. You collect the paci's in a bag, leave on the table or somewhere obvious and then the next day your daughter finds a present where the bag of pacifiers were. You can even get books that you can read her to prepare her and probably find a letter online that you can leave. It's not easy no matter what you do but it's a little easier with a distraction. Expect a couple of rough days no matter what method you try, but it will get easier.

Tinker1987 - posted on 09/30/2011




my friend just through her daughters out. it was a long stressful week of crying at night but by the time that week was over she was over it.

Natasha - posted on 09/30/2011




thank you very much jodi that sound like a great idea i will give that a try thanks again.

Jodi - posted on 09/30/2011




Natasha, with Christmas coming up in a couple of months, it is the ideal opportunity for you to start working towards giving them to Santa for the baby reindeer :). This is how I got my daughter to give them up.

Leading up to Christmas, we discussed how Santa needs bottles and dummies for the baby reindeer so he can keep bringing Christmas gifts, and when little girls give them up, he leaves an extra gift.

We then got a plain brown bag (the ones with the handles - a quality one) and she decorated it and on Christmas Eve we placed the bag under the tree with all of her bottles and dummies (yes she was still using bottles for water - it was a comfort thing). She went to bed happily without either.

Next morning they were gone and there was a gift in their place (I actually can't remember what it was!!). She was delighted.

Admittedly, that night she cried for them, but when I explained how very happy the tiny baby reindeer must be, and that she was such a big girl for helping them, she cheered up, and she never, ever mentioned them again.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Obviously if you don't do Santa in your house, then that's not going to work for you :P

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