My daughter is 3 going on 4 years old and wont go poop in the potty. What can I do?

Mina - posted on 11/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




She will go number 1 in the potty but not number 2. I have popped her and put her in the corner and even made her wash them out by herself but that is not working. I love her to death but this is driving me crazy she is the only one I have had troubles with and I have no clue what else to do can someone please help me.


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Hi Mina, I agree positive reinforcement is key here if she feels your negativity she may associate it with going #2....which is the opposite of what you want her to do. My children didn't like going #2 on the potty as well as #1 either. I used mini m&m's as bribes to get them to sit on the potty. I had one who didn't want to give up pooping in the diaper long after peeing on the potty. I eventually lined the potty bowl with a diaper and told him to poopy in the diaper on the worked. Use your imagination to help make it a fun experience, punishment will only make her feel shameful. Remember that she is learning a new experience and might be scared about where the poopy goes when flushed etc. There are many potting training videos and books to help her understand what happens. Be consistent but if it is too much for you to handle the accidents perhaps trying again in a month or two is best for you. GOOD LUCK!!!

Erin - posted on 11/29/2009




there may be a real reason for her not wanting to go on the potty. my oldest had a problem with constipation and still wanted a diaper for #2 long after she was pee trained. Does your daughter seem to know she needs to go before she has an accident? ask her if it hurts, stay calm and try not to treat her accidents like a bad thing. if she does have a problem, and she thinks she is being bad, she may be scared to talk to you, good luck.

Kristie - posted on 11/28/2009




Hi there, my suggestion not having trained my own yet but having been a nanny for 15 yrs, would be to use positive reinforcement. Have her let you know as soon as she feels an urge, talk about what that feels like. Run to the potty together, holding hands and getting all excited about it. Then sit with her in your own little chair. Have her read a book and sit a while. Reward the sitting. Then over a week reward the pushing and then another week, reward the success! Talk about how proud you are that she is a big girl, how much you love your big girl, thruout the other parts of the day don't call her baby. Give her lots of attention as a big girl. Talk it up big that she will get a "potty party" , like a bday party with one big gift, when she is fully trained, ex. having no accidents for 5 days. Accidents happen of course, so be positive and encouraging. Track it on a chart, so she can see it. Have a time together to shop for potty party and make cupcakes with congratulations big girl etc. Have fun with it. Good luck.

Katie - posted on 11/28/2009




I just stoped trying to force my 2 little girls ,and they started doing when they got ready.

Audra - posted on 11/28/2009




Mina hi My name is Audra I have 3 grown children and raising 2 grandchildren. My grandaughter was the same way What I did was put little treats like smarties or even a dollar toy on a shelf in the bathroom and told her she could have it when she poopoo in the potty she as potty trained quickly after that.

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