My daughter is starting school this year...any ideas how to keep busy while she is gone

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I'm a stay at home mom to a wonderful 3 almost 4 yr old, and she is starting school in September. The little boy that I use to babysit part time is going to be starting full time day care come Sept too, so now I find myself with no kids....and I'll have TONS on time on my hands......WHAT DO I DO? Mind you come the middle of Feb we'll have a new addition, but Sept to Feb is ALOT of time to kill lol.


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It's not as much time as you would think! Mine started last year (today was the first day of this year!) and the time gets eaten up quick.

You can volunteer at the school--they ALWAYS need help. Our school uses volunteers to aid the car lines, lunch relief, SEEDS (reading program), AR (another reading program), Muffin sales (wrapping on Thursdays, selling on Fridays), School Store, Christmas Shoppe, Publishing Center (lets students write and publish a book), Fundraisers (those that the kids sell, as well as the spring & fall carnivals, silent auctions, corporate sponsor programs, the Dr.Seuss gala, PTA, Santa-grams, valentine cupid program, and slushy sales), Box Tops collection, recycling center, room mom, field trips, field day (planing and running) and media center helpers.

You can also have lunch with her once a week if you like.

I like to do all of my shopping (grocery store, Target, Mall--ALL OF IT!! It is SOOOO much easier to shop without a little one!!!) and cleaning during the day so that the evenings are completely free for time with J & John. Even then, our evenings are FULL, so I couldn't really clean or shop even if I wanted to.....unless I wait until after J is in bed, but that is my Zumba class and book club, and John gets racket ball on nights I'm home. We date on Friday or Saturday night and we travel or have family time Saturday and Sunday, so I can't do it then either.

I also work out for 90 minutes in the mornings. I know you are pregnant, so that might not be for you until the new one arrives.

And last, but most certainly not least, I take some time for me--read, draw, go to brunch with my girl friends, meet my husband for lunch, get my nails and toes done, and the "fun shopping"....sometimes I go to a chickflick at the theater all by myself ( I LOVE it) or just stroll through the park and enjoy the weather without having to watch J like a hawk.

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i crochet blankets..A LOT. my daughter has 4 favorites she has to sleep with. they make great gifts, keep my hand loose, and might i add the ONLY blanket i feel comfortable in a crib with a newborn because they have huge holes. its lots of fun. :)

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My time always seems to evaporate quickly! I do a lot of volunteer work. Some ideas: baking bread, gardening (may not work while pregnant), taking an online class, making holiday presents, other crafts/sewing projects. Good luck!

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Hobbies? Reading? Volunteering somewhere? Doing the last thorough cleaning that you can get to for a while?


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