My daughter likes my biological mom better

Nicole - posted on 03/03/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




The problem is my biological mom was never nice to me growing up. She would fight me physically, verbally abuse me, and gave me to my grandmother to raise. She did drugs, She even told me she could never love me. Now my 9 yr old daughter has taken a liking to her. She wants to see her, and hang out with her. She listens to her but doesnt listen to me. I'm so hurt by this. I want my daughter to admire me and not her. I'm a better role model anyway. Help me pls.


Michelle - posted on 03/04/2017




Has your Mother changed at all? Is she now clean and trying to make up for how she treated you?
My Mother treated me really badly and told me over and over that I ruined her life. She can't remember ever saying it and thinks she has been the world's best Mother. I have learned it's no point dwelling on the past.
Unfortunately, she is the only Grandparent my children have in the same country so I have moved on and don't dwell on the past. She has shown her nasty side to my oldest son and he knows what not to do to push her buttons.

I suggest that you can't tell your daughter she can't have a relationship with her own Grandmother. If your Mother hasn't changed then she will show that to your Daughter eventually and it will be your Daughter's choice if she wants to keep the relationship. You can limit the amount they see each other though as your daughter is only 9. In regards to her not listening to you, that's completely normal. Most kids will listen to everyone else except their own parents!

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