My daughter refuses to eat at school

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My daughter (5) eats well at home, but refuses to eat at school. This has the teachers concerned. She is well behaved other wise, and that to me is more important. I would prefer them to be more focused on getting her ready for Kindergarten, then what she eats. Anyone have any suggestions? Experiences with similar problem?


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Kyla - posted on 01/11/2010




My son is the pickiest child ever. I have to pack his lunch almost everyday and he always comes home with his carrots and finishes them after school. Maybe she doesn't like how the food tastes. If she is hungry she will eat. I wouldn't worry to much. Sometimes it seems like my son doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive!

Christina - posted on 01/11/2010




My daughter did the same.She will eat when hungry.

make sure you have a snack ready for her after school and that she eats before school too.

She will eventually eat at school.

My 7 yr old still comes home some days with a full lunch.No idea how she does it.I'd be starving.

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