My daughter spends the day following me everywhere, sometimes whining included. How do I get space when she is up without being mean?


Ronica - posted on 01/09/2009




How old is she? I would say get her into a craft or an independent game, maybe put aside a specific time everyday, like after lunch than she has to have independent play. Say 5 minutes working up. My daughter is 15 months and I've always tried to have her play independently everyday even if it's for 5 minutes. Than again Coko has always been rather independent. Possibly give her lots of cuddles for 1/2 hour than try for independent time. Coko is a big cuddler so 1st thing we do when she gets up is cuddle for 15minutes. Than  breakfast, playtime, independent time, lunch, independent play or colouring , dance time, nap, snack, play with Daddy when he gets in, supper, playtime or movie/ TV time, bedtime. I know it sounds a little crazy, I was never Mrs. Orderly but it falls into place daily. I wish you lots of luck, but I'd say start with a few minutes once a day. Your kidd-o will do just fine :)


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Melissa - posted on 01/11/2009




I know what you mean! My almost 3 year old cannot go five seconds without asking "Mommy, what are you doing?". I trip over her at least once a day! It drives me bonkers! I don't know how yours will do with the craft thing...I have tried that, but she wants ME to do it too. We also do the cuddle in the morning for 1/2 hour before breakfast and again in the afternoon, but that doesn't seem to help us with the "separation" issue. The only time that she will get into something "more interesting" than me, is when I pick up a kids movie that she hasn't seen yet at the video rental place. Those days are magical! She will sit quietly and watch the entire movie! That gives me about an hour and a half to get something done!!! And it's up to you how often you let her watch it. I use it once a day until it has to go back...although I have to admit that on days where I really need to get something done I have been known to use it twice! She feels like she's getting a special treat and I get and hour and a half to myself! Win win!

LauraLee - posted on 01/10/2009




If I spend some quality time with my little ones right away in the morning, giving them my undivided attention, they tend to play nicely by themselves for a good chunk of time after that.  Also, try splitting up your day into certain structured times, similar to what a Pre-school does.  For Example...Puzzels in the morning, followed by snack, then quiet independent play time with certain special toys (so you can do something for yourself or around the house without her following you around).  After you get into a routine, and she knows what to expect from the day, you will have your time back without her following you around!


Jennifer - posted on 01/09/2009




Try to get her busy in a craft. My 4 year old girl does the same thing and I get her a craft and she gets busy doing that and wants to finish before she comes to follow me around again. But yes she follows me everywhere like she is afraid to be alone. It really gets to annoying.

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