My Daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago and i need to know steps to ween her off breastmilk.

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Its my second daughter, the 1st one stopped breastfeeding early, and this is the longest i have breastfed. I am looking for tips and tricks to ease her away from it. Honesty from the ones whove dealt with it would only benefit me. thank you so much Mom's!!!


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My daughter is almost 15 months old and I just finally weaned her off the breast. I did it very gradually, at 12 months we were down to 2 feedings a day then went down from there. To one feeding then, I did one feeding but only on one side and then just stopped. My daughter also refuses to drink cows milk which was a difficult thing for me because I didn't want to stop and her not getting what she needed but my Dr told me that it was ok as long as she was eating cheese and yogurt she didn't really need to drink the milk. Best of luck hope all goes well


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Laura - posted on 04/30/2010




When I was weaning my daughter, I would pump a little bit into a sippy cup and give it to her. Mainly to get her used to drinking from a cup. At first, she didn't really like it (drinking from the cup, that is). But after a few tries she was good to go. Then I started putting a tiny amount of cows milk in with the breast milk. She never noticed cause it was such a small amount. Every fews days, I would increase the amount of cow's milk and decrease the amount of breast milk until she would drink only cow milk from the cup. Only after this did I start to lessen my breast feedings. By the time she was 1, I only breastfed her once at night right before bed. I could've weaned her totally by then, but I really enjoyed the bonding, so I waited until she was about 15 months. Good luck!

Rae - posted on 04/30/2010




I did feed my girls baby food before I would breast feed it helped with the weaning. Then I would breastfeed them and place them down to nap since they began to associate it with sleeping they did want to nurse less.

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