My daughter was on the border between micro and normal preemie (28 weeks 1 day and under 2lbs), she had tubes down her throat for months and couldn't audibly cry for months. Now she's 3 and not talking more than 2 or 3 words at a time?

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She has a bunch of words I've heard her say but right now a sentence for her is "mom, bye bye" (when she wants me to take her someplace)
She calls me mom, my husband dad, my dad papaw and I think my mom is mom too (I keep slipping and calling her mom, I call my husband babe and for a long time, he was "babe" to her too- still is on occasion)
She demands up when she wants to go up (doesn't walk yet), asks for her "bubs" (bubble guppies) and occasionally asks for "juice"
There are a ton of other words she has said but not on a regular basis. She was in speech therapy for 2 years (and physical). She knows several words in sign language, understands everything we say and babbles in what we can tell is meaningful language (and to her, complete sentences- she gets annoyed when we don't respond to her the way she wants us to)
I read to her constantly (she loves books), I talk to her, she'll hold her hand to my throat when I speak and I'll get in her face and talk.
She is also close to walking but isn't there yet, with both physical and verbal she's developing around the two "disabilities" (hitting milestones like properly climbing up the stairs, jumping, kicking, etc all on time but just not walking on her own). None of her former therapists (it only went til she was 3) were overly concerned because she made huge progress (last she was tested her fine motor caught up and verbal/walking are the only things holding her back
Did any of y'all go through anything like this? She's very intelligent but seems so far behind, although she isn't.
Those are the only things she says on a normal basis.


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Hi Beth,

My son Alex was born at 28 weeks & 5 days however he stopped growing approx 24 weeks gestation and weighed 594g (1lb 3oz). I can understand how concerned you must feel!!

It sounds like you have had many professionals around you for her growth & development and I would see about setting an appt with them again to express your worries with them & perhaps work on a plan if any is suggested.

Children grow and develop at different stages and it can be really hard to know what to expect when they are also prem.

Alex was about 15 months old before he walked and I was concerned however the physio we were seeing advised that the longer he crawl the better & we would not need to encourage him as he will naturally do this wen he is ready...which he did...this advice was also given because he had overtoned muscles & stimulating the bottoms of his feet was not something the physio wanted us to do.

We have been very fortunate given his start in life not to have had many hurdles however for the first 5 years of his life - we had physios, occupational therapists speech pathology, dietitians, pediatricians, ophthalmologists overseeing his care & it did make me overly aware and sometimes to the point of worry about where he was at.

He will be 14 in June and is a fine, healthy young man and such a pleasure to have in our lives!

Goodluck & I would love to hear progress updates!!! :-)

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