my five year old starts school next week and i wanted to know what kind of schedule should i have for him when he gets home?


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J's goes something like this, but Taekwondo is different each day, so it gets thrown a little. He gets home from school at 3pm, and goes to bed at 8pm, so we have 5 hours to get everything done. Taekwondo takes up an hour and a half, and baseball takes up about 2 hours.

Early Taekwondo day:
Snack in the car (usually a granola bar)
Play (if he finishes homework before dinner)
Pick up toys while I clean kitchen
Shower and getting ready for bed (includes picking out tomorrow's clothing and getting all of his school/activity things together and put by the door)

Late Taekwondo/Base Ball day:
Snack with a short break to relax (30 minutes or so)
Play (if he finishes homework before time for taekwondo)
Play while I cook dinner
Pick up toys while I clean the kitchen
Shower, getting ready for bed

No Taekwondo/Base Ball day:
Snack w/ short break
Chores (clean room, put away laundry, etc--we only d chores on days he has no activities, I do them for him on full days)
Practice Taekwondo
Play (if he finishes chores before dinner)
Early dinner
Game night with mom & dad
Shower and getting ready for bed

(we do his reading right before bedtime--it doubles as our cuddle time. I'm going to read to him anyway, so it might as well be a school book)
I don't really like doing the homework right after school because J is not terribly focused, but I've found that if I try to push it further back into the evening, it often gets cut short or forgotten completely, so right after snack it is. The snack break does help him a good bit though.

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One thing that I have been trying to figure out is how to implement a more positive approach for "Back to School" and the entire school year. I came across a website that I am trying to begin using called On the main page, is a green box labeled "back to school". It is supposed to be for the children themselves to use. However, with so many young elementary age children, I browsed through the links and printed off different things. I really like the order and suggestions that are there.
I can't find the other site that I was on and printed stuff off of. Hope that FlyLady helps you as it is already helping me! :) And, my children are not back to school yet.

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I have think you should see how the first week goes and then decide. I thought when my oldest was in kindergarten I thought the best was for her to do homework when she got home but she didn't want to pay attention and didn't care about doing it good. She was tired! So now our schedule is snack, tv or play in their room. Then home work while I cook dinner. Then during dinner we talk about homework. Then they play outside. Etc.

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Is he goin full-time or part-time? My son went part-time in the mornings, so when he'd get home, we let him play, have lunch, nap (sometimes), and then play. After dinner we'd sit and do homework. Definitely a good idea to have a set time for homework or practicing skills. :)

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