My four month has never slept more than 4 hours at a time!

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I need some mom help from others that have been in the trenches. My four month old, now 15+ lbs. was born weighing 9lbs 13oz. He still nurses every two hours most days and wakes every 2-4 hrs at night to eat. I am exhausted, he refuses a bottle. We have tried a co-sleeper, snuggling, sitting up with him, to bed early, bath at bedtime, feeding at bedtime, etc. Our pediatrician just says..."he'll sleep when he's ready" and something similar about his feeding pattern. If I don't feed him (try to stretch out at nighttime) he cries and cries until I do. My other two started sleeping through at around 9 weeks on their own and both were breastfed, though a lot smaller than him.


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It's perfectly normal, you were just lucky with your first two. At four months if your son is still waking for feeds at night he needs them. I found this really difficult with my daughter (my son Was sleeping through from 6 weeks), my solution was to co-sleep but that doesn't work for every family, even though my daughter still wakes for feeds I'm far better rested because there's less cafuffle when she wakes.

Don't give any solids until your son is showing the signs of readiness, can sit unaided, can hold and bring food (such as a banana) to his mouth, is showing interest in your food, and has lost his Tongue thrust. His size doesn't matter your breast milk is enough to satisfy him until around 6 months (if he's not showing signs of readiness). You should never give solids so your child will sleep longer, if they are not ready for solids it can have the opposite effect and actually disturb sleep.


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It will come. I know right now it seems like it will never come, but eventually he will start going longer stretches between feedings. My first two kids were doing a 5 hr stretch at 3 months for the first and 2 months for the second, but my third did not start to go longer until about 5 months. Just try to nap when you can, and know it will not last forever. Then one day you will look back and not wish for that lack of sleep, but wish for that special time.

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My first son never slept more than 2 hours at a time until he was 8 months old. He's only four months and sounds like a big boy, he probably needs the nutrition.

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Sounds pretty normal to me too. My first woke every 2-4 hours to nurse until about 8 months but she slept with us so i never really had to get up or open my eyes really. My second is only 2 months and sometimes still nurses every 2 hours at night and refuses to drink pumped milk..It is an extremely tiring and exhausting phase but this too shall pass (i have to remind myself of that daily)! hang in there!

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That sucks but it's totally normal especially for a breastfed baby.

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He is still very young, and that is normal. It stinks I know. My 3rd child weighed 10lbs 3oz at birth, and ate ever 2 hrs day and night until he was 15 months. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, but it's just the way it is.

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It sounds pretty normal. Most breastfed babies feed every 4 hours or so at that age. I think you just lucked out with your others. My daughter was like that until she was a year!

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My newborn was sleeping 10, sometimes 11 hour stretches for the first 3 months, then BAM. He never slept longer than 4 hours, usually more like 3. He's 6 months now and has just started sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night, which happened around the same time we started solid food.

Do you do solids yet? Maybe something easy like cereal with formula? Might help him sleep longer stretches at night.

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