My friend's son who is 10 has been playing with his cousin in the basement xbox for the last four months. According to the dad of my friend he thinks that two boys together is a sexual situation. The older cousin is devasted and the father has been emailing all of the 12 year old friends not to play with the older cousin because the fathers are now thinking all sexual. I am sick to my stomach to think that the 19 year old cousin would do anything. He loves the kids and the 10 year old just happens to be his favorite. By the way..the father is never home , so I think the kid needs to have a father figure, meaning his cousin. Does everything in this world coming down to this. Moms, please help me because I am the best of this 10 year old and it breaks my heart to see the older cousin to be treated this way. He has been living with them since the summer. He will be an amazing father. He was the most popular kid in his school an honor student. He plays the piano beautiful and is extremely talented. Let me know what you think. Do you think tha parents...dads are wrong?


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Cassie - posted on 12/12/2012




Have the boys every said anything to make someone think that something was going on? If not, there is no harm. What could be done is have a baby monitor set up. Personally, I don't see any issue with this. Would any one question if a 19 year old girl was in the basement playing video games with the neighborhood girls? I think not. These children probably look up to him like a hero. He is an adult and he plays video games!!! He's awesome!!!!!

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