My ger(7) often has stomach flu.What can we do to prevent/build her disgestive system stronger

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What kind of food shd she avoid?What type of food is good at building up her body immunity?Also are there any good vitamins she can take to build up her stomach resistance?


Jackie - posted on 01/31/2010




The only thing that helps with the stomach flu is washing hands. Make sure she is washing her hands everytime she uses the washroom. Put a timer in the washroom... and show her how to get between each finger and up the arm. Have her scrub up after school the second she walks in the door. Also clean all touched surfaces often...

Lightswitchs, taps, telephones, remotes, keyboards, toliet handle and lid, garbage can lids, door knobs, fridge handle, stove handle, microwave and so forth. Also make sure she isn't putting things in her mouth, hands, pens whatever.

As for her immune system, majority of our immune system is in our digestive system. So anything that is proven to improve ones immune system will help.


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There have been studies done on the effect of fruit juices on children's stomachs. Researchers claim that the sorbitol found in common juices (especially apple) can cause stomach pains, cramping, diarhhea, and other effects. Apparently, the only juices that contain minimal amounts of sorbitol are white grape, raspberry and orange.

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