my girl is 4 and underweight...

Kaylie - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




she is healthy and eats alot but the docter is concerned about her weight, being taller then the average 5 year old and weighing only 17kg and has been for the last year should i be concerned?

she eats all day and all night if she could, she eat her 3 main meals and snacks alot between them.

please help me some advice


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Jamie - posted on 08/15/2009




i had this same problem but my daughter had other things going on weird bowel movements and mysterious rashes. her doctor did loads of allergy tests and ever a cystic fibrosis test. but in the end it just ended up being that she was just a small child whose parents were small children. if your daughter eats and shows no other signs of health issues i wouldnt worry too much. but do be aware of her and her progression. my doctor also requested i tried to beef her up with Carnation instant breakfast chocolate shakes. i added chocolate ice cream to it to make it colder and more delicious. my kids LOVED it. good luck hun:)

Jen - posted on 08/15/2009




I agree with Tara. If she isn't exhibiting any other health issues (ie: sick a lot, low energy, etc.) and is still meeting her developmental milestones, then I wouldn't be too concerned. If she is very active, then the higher fat and calorie foods is probably better for her anyway. My oldest son is 5 and ADHD. So he is VERY VERY active. He also started out underweight (he was 5lbs 8 oz and 12 days late) and was ALWAYS below the 5% on his growth charts. We have him on whole milk and regular cheeses and yogurts still, simply because he definitely using the energy. He has evened out, mostly. He is at the bottom of the "normal" weight scale, but the doctor says it is "normal." There are little simple things we do for him also. We give him an extra piece of bacon at breakfast ( not every morning do we have bacon, but when we do), Sometimes we invest in those Pediasure drinks to drink with his snack instead of milk. It gives him a little extra boost for the afternoon. Like I said, if she is using the energy, then give her the extra to accommodate it. If she starts gaining too much weight, then you can back off and her playing will even her back out again.

Tara - posted on 08/15/2009




There are a lot of different factors to think about here. Are either you or her dad tall and slender? My husband is really skinny and always has been, but eats like a horse - my daughter is much the same - she eats quite a bit, but is extremely active.

If she takes after a specific side of your family, she may just be reflecting some of her genetics - it sounds like she eats quite well, so a lot of the "underweight" may simply be her activity level - if she eats a lot but is super active then she will be burning a lot of the calories away.

Has she been losing weight or getting sick a lot?If that's the case then the doctor may be concerned because of that. If she is not getting sick or showing signs of missing milestones/growth levels mentally, etc. the odds are that she is a normal, healthy 4 year old who just happens to take after a certain side of your family with regard to her build, and who burns a lot of calories off because of her activity level.

If you are really concerned about her being underweight (other than because your doctor has an issue with it) you might want to increase the level of high-calorie foods she is eating (full-fat cheese, yogurt, whole milk, etc) to increase the calorie levels she is taking in so she doesn't burn off quite so much and her weight evens out.

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