my husband is trying to make us a 1 car household.

Chesnie - posted on 04/09/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am so angry that we have 3 cars, 2 paid off and 1 lease vehicle! He is turning his lease in this summer and I drive the jeep and my car, Nissan, needs new brakes and we are considering selling it soon. I stay home and need a car to get around, and he needs one to get to work. This summer i will have our daughter and his 2 sons and I refuse to stay home all the time. I had to start depending on my husband for money and now he wants to share one car. Thats my last shred of independence I have. Plus what would happen if god forbid we separated and I had no car, guess he would have to go buy one. When I was single, I prided myself on paying my car off and owning. I told him, forget it, All we will have to pay are a few repairs and insurance which is low and without the 3rd vehicle payment and insurance, it will be extremely less. ugghhhh, I cant stand him sometimes, plus I am not getting up early every morning with 3 kids and drive him to work and pick him up afterwards, thats a lot of miles and gas. They are both paid off there is no reason we cant keep two cars, we are not hurting for money!


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Jenn - posted on 04/09/2010




As someone who does NOT have a vehicle and lives out in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to walk to - do NOT sell your car! We only have 1 vehicle but it isn't by choice - we just simply can't afford another one right now. I can't wait until the day when I can have some freedom again and take the kids places like the park etc., PLUS then i could get the grocery shopping done during the day instead of waiting for the weekend or at night when he's home from work. So yeah, keep your car for sure!

Kristin - posted on 04/09/2010




Sounds like you both need to sit down and talk about the why of the situation for you. I can totally see why he would get rid of the third car though. He needs to talk to you about how he hopes it would work with one car. Is he planning to leave it with you and ride the bus, bike, carpool, or walk to work? Are you going to split time with the car? Are you supposed to walk the fam everywhere? Are there parks and things to do close by? What about those doc appts and emergencies?

I can see the good in getting to one car. Our family is essentially one car. One I use and the other is parked, ALL the time. It does seem silly to keep it, but it does get used when my husband travels at times I can't help him with or when the other car is in the shop. We did drop the insurance to the bare minimum required by law. As for getting to and from work, my husband takes the bus or walks. If the weather is really awful and it's feasible, then we might go get him.

I have to admit, I love having a car. Most of the time, up until it's time for repairs, maintenance, insurance, and gas are needed. Maybe it's time to look at the kinds of cars you've got and do a little restructuring; one big enough family car (plan ahead) and a second timy commuter car?

Basically, talk to each other about why this change is important to him and what it entails. You need to explain what it will do to you also. Good luck.

Sheryl - posted on 04/09/2010




i would really set down and talk to him. i can understand letting the lease car go. but if you really feel you need that car for doc. oppt. and ext. then i would till hime. cause i'll till you i got two lil boys one in school and the others at home but i got lots of doc. oppt. and just play dates. it not easy and we wish we could afford another but we are going to finsh paying this one off first it not easy. and when summer comes i got to do pretty much everything around his work sud. and it not easy. like when i get low on milk or need it for something. i always have to call him and ask him to get it. then if he just wanted to come home they can get upset. so if where you i would really set down and talk to him about it. my car is a 2006 and it already got over 50,000 miles. so i would differently try to till him from someone who does only have one car its not easy. esp. if there is a time you got to go the er or something big. my husbend lost time at work and then we hurting on bills cause he lost work cause of an ermg.! all i can say it really not easy. it would more likely differently test your relateship. i know it has mine. best of luck! it not easy but it can be done with love and care.

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Hi, I told him both of our vehicles have over 100,00 miles and one is bound to break down then we are down to one, but if we have one and it breaks down we are down to none. He keeps mentioning it out loud, say to his kids and i think its to get me riled up. I am not doing all that driving in one vehicle!

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Find out what his reasons are for only wanting one car. Ask him if he thought that you take him to work and something happened to you on the way home. How could he get to you? What if you had to take the kids to ememergency - how could he get to them? I'm a stay at home mom and have been for a while. I have no intentions on going to work even after my youngest graduates. We own two paid off vehicles. Maintenance is cheaper than a car payment. What if something happened to the one vehicle? Is he willing to buy a new car or to pay rent for another one? Agian, more money to spend. You need two vehicles. Gas prices are supposed to go up again this summer. Driving him to and from work, you talking a lot of gas. That's twice the amount of gas and smog he will be contributing to.

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