my kid is 1 year 3 months old.he is not yet walking. wat food and wat exercises should i given to him


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Fit2BMe - posted on 11/29/2012




At 15 months, I wouldn't be too concerned yet, as many babes aren't walking at that point. Having said that, I agree with Patricia that it never hurts to check with your doctor just to be sure and reassured. It's not uncommon for bigger babies to be later walkers. Also, babies who are carried a lot, or spend most of their time in carseats, strollers, playpens etc. walking is often one of those skills that can largely depend on how much the parents are encouraging it or not. Some parents get super anxious and work on it a lot. Some parents are super laid back about it and don't. There is a huge variation on walking ages.

I would encourage your baby to do more standing while holding onto something steady, like a low table. See if that motivates him to start cruising (walking sideways whilst holding on). You can encourage him with toys that are just out of reach and not rescuing him too quickly, yet also not allowing him to become too frustrated.

Holding onto his hands while helping him take steps around the house is great too. This gets him practicing the stepping motion even if he's not ready to put full weight on those legs yet, or to balance himself. The more you do this the better, while being mindful of his cues and stopping before he is too tired or too upset. Keep it light and fun.

There is a product called "walking wings" that can help your back during this stage also.

If your child hasn't grasped the stepping motion when you are holding him up (ie. one foot forward, and then the other), then hold him up and have another individual move his feet for him repeatedly to show him. Babies naturally have this stepping motion as a reflex when they are as young as two months old even, however it can be "lost" or "forgotten" easily when its not used.

If leg strength is a concern, there are little interactive exercises you can do, like laying him down on his back and pushing against his feet, encouraging him to resist or push back with kicks etc. more than likely that isn't a problem though. If stepping motion and leg strength are noticeably lacking, I would definitely check in with your Pediatrician.

Food is food. As long as he is eating a balanced diet with whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and protein (vegetarian with enough iron, or meat) then that's not likely a concern at all.

Patricia - posted on 11/29/2012




Well first of all I would check with your pediatrician and get a full check up first to rule out anything being wrong.

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