my kid used to love to take it's pretty much a pain in the neck.

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im tired of falling asleep with him all the time just to try to get him to sleep, i feel there's more i could be getting done while this is taking place.


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It all depends though. We play the naps by ear now. My son is 2 1/2 and my ped. was positive he still should be napping. I try my hardest to put him up there and hopefully he falls asleep but it is often a nightmare that leads to me getting totally mad because he won't stay in bed and starts to be a punk. 2 is young to stop napping. Remember even kids in full day kindergarten often have a rest time at schools. There must be a reason. Stopping the nap does mean that sometimes you can get them in bed earlier but that's only good depending on when dad comes home. If he's not home till 6:30 or 7 then a kid asleep at 7 might not be good. For us we try to do the nap most days but they've gotten a little later and if he seems fine I skip it. Especially if it's just been a lazy day and he hasn't really expended any good energy. But then you have to try hard not to let them watch TV all afternoon/evening because they are cranky from not napping. Either way, it's impossible to get anything done! Be warned though you may have a weepy mess come bed time.

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He may be at the age where he doesn't need a nap anymore. My son was done taking naps by the time he was 2. It ended up working out because I was able to put him to bed earlier and he started sleeper longer at night.

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