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Well I'm the mother of 3 girls the first is 6 the second is 3 and the third is 4 months. Having two children was easy in my eyes but after having my third I'm constantly stressed and thinking that I can't do this there's the good times then there's the bad I'm only 20 my husband works in the oilfield so he's gone everyday all day comes home for dinner showers sleeps then he's gone again I'm blessed we have him and that he works so hard for his family. But I think I might be going crazy I dropped all my friends 5 yrs ago when we got married I thought all we needed was each other now I need someone anyone to talk with who understands what I'm going threw. I love all my children so much and equally so do not get offended by anything. My first hold is very independent quiet and helpful she loves to learn and help with everything my second child hates not having attention she hits crystal when she doesn't get her way refuse to eat meals doesn't like to share and screams and yells at everyone. My third is a extremely happy baby right now she has a cold so she's always crying and is very fussy she's very spoiled or "babied" so if were not holding her she isn't happy. So between taking care of them by myself having no one to talk with try to keep a clean house and keep up with laundry is extremely hard plus I feel as if I get absolutely no appreciation for anything and granted I can talk to my husband but when he gets home he's so tired and worn out I feel like he doesn't really care so why bother anyways sorry for writing a novel I just need some advise friendly wisdom or something to keep me going


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Hi there! The best thing that you can do is try to branch out in the community and join some mom's groups. Especially groups for young moms! They can sympathize very much with what you are going through and you can get out of the house and get together with those moms and their children. Sometimes playgroups meet at parks, Chuck-E-Cheese and other fun kid-oriented places. Don't worry about your littlest, she's probably just not feeling right so she's a bit fussy. It sounds like the second one has a bit of "middle child" syndrome and might be a bit jealous of the attention the baby is getting. If you give the middle one just a bit of extra attention at times. Maybe have her help you with the baby by talking to the baby, singing to her or something like that. Then praise her when she helps you out. She is probably just hitting her sister to grab attention. Make sure to praise her when she IS doing something right, not just when she is doing something wrong. If she hits her sister, try redirecting her and focusing on the child who was hit instead of the one who did the hitting and make sure the child apologizes to the victim as well. It's tough to have three kids especially at twenty but sometimes it's good just to take time for yourself as well. When the kids nap, read a new book or tune into a new tv show for yourself. It also may not be bad to hire a babysitter from a trusted source and get some you time for your and your husband as well. Hope I helped. God bless ♥

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