My light sleeping nine month old

Chrissy - posted on 11/22/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




How do you transition at 9 months to get him sleeping in his own crib the entire night? I nursed until 7 months and would bring him in bed for night time feedings. Now, he wakes up all night until I bring him in bed with me. Tried ferberizing, went horrible! I hear you need to do that earlier on.


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I had this same problem with my first daughter. I know it sounds bad but leave him in the crib. He will cry. Super Nanny says it is the best thing to do. then just sit in the floor by his crip facing away from him. But don't talk. He will eventually pass out. BUt if you can;'t handle doing that then rock him to sleep and place him in the crib. I loved when my daughter slept in the bed with me but, at some point you want them sleeping in their own bed.


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Renae - posted on 11/23/2009




The Ferber method should only be used over 6 months. You have options, it depends how patient you are willing to be and how determined your baby is. I tried everything. Eventually I had to let him cry but listen to his cries to interpert why he is crying, a child behaviourist can help with this (or message me if you want me to go into more detail). If it is an angry cry we leave him, if it is an emotional distressed cry, we go and pick him up and comfort him. Crying methods are supposed to work fast, 6 days at most, for us it took 6 WEEKS - totally unheard of. Someone has already mentioned the baby whisperer, hers is the "pick up / put down" method, google it, she has a website and forum for people using the method. You can also try Elizabeth Pantley's "no cry sleep solution", her methods are very flexible and gentle but can take weeks or months to work. At the end of the day, all of the research says the same thing, no matter how you do it, the baby has to be able to go to sleep on their own in order to sleep through the night without you. For my baby, any method of parental presence (like the Super Nanny method someone already said) or gradual withdrawal (another method to google, gentle, no crying, and normally works in 2 weeks) made my baby WORSE, he needs to be left to his own devices to calm down and go to sleep. Having me around just makes him more agitated. But every baby is different.

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If you are ready to have the baby in his own bed then I have to agree that letting him cry is probably your best bet. Cry it out definitely works faster when you start it younger but he'll get the idea. I might suggest not just dumping him in his bed and not going back until morning. Try instead increasing your time out of the room by 10 minute increments and when you go in to calm him down, do NOT pick him up or speak. Spend 5 minutes rubbing his back or stroking his hair and then leave again. I'm sorry to say it will be hard - harder on you than anyone. If you aren't ready to commit fully to doing it then don't - it won't work if you can't really fully do it at all naps and at bedtime.

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Cry it out is not the way to go and there's nothing unhealthy about a baby wanting to sleep in his comfort zone; with mom. Cry it out can only negatively impact him. Co sleeping has nothing but benefits. Do your research and you'll feel more at ease. This isn't really a problem so need to "fix" it by stressing your baby. Crying and crying til they pass out is very stressful.

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A great book to read is The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. It really helped my daughter develop good eating and sleeping habits without the endless crying. Also creating a sleep friendly enviroment is helpful. Darkness, white noise, warmth, and a pacifier if you're ok with your babe using one.

Danielle - posted on 11/22/2009




yup the cry it out method is unfourtunatly the way to go. It is sad and you yourself will prob end up crying, but its unhealthy for your baby to wake up all hrs of the night just bc he wants to get in your bed. try doing it in intervals. First night let him cry for 10 min, the next a little shorter, eventually he will know your not coming to get him and he will fall asleep. ahh the things we have to do. My 19 mo old used to go down no prob now I have to put him in his crib and lay my head down on the rail and wait till I hear loud breathing, even then sometimes once I go to walk away he sits right up like aha caught ya!!! Its anoying lol. I hope this helps :)

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