my little on is 3.8 and nowadays he is getting out of control at times, iv'e tried everything

Saima - posted on 08/28/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




times he is very short tempered and hyper . i dont know what to do.


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Shannon - posted on 08/28/2009




Right now he is doing anything he can think of to test you and see what he can and cant get away with. This is something that never ends, he will keep coming up with new ways to test your nerves and patience. When he wins the struggle he knows that what he did worked and will keep trying to improve on this stadgety. Pick something that can be both a reward if given but a punishment if taken away. As his taste changes you may have to change the item but keep the same idea, He will get the message that he decides whether he gets punished or rewarded by his behavior and will understand what it is you dont want him to do anymore. My daughter is 7 and i still do this with her, I let her pick a dessert and after dinner i tell her if she can have it or not, Her bike also works well she gets it taken away when she is punished. I know your boy is still little but The sooner you find something that works for the two of you the better, Time outs olnly work if you dont take them out of it till they stop whinning or they just whine till you take them out(or scream). Its a test of your will power, and nerves but what ever you choose the key is consistancy. Changing your reaction confuses him.

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Saima you need to put your foot down and not break. Make sure you stick to what you say. Never threaten him with something that won't happen as it will minimise the effect of what you say, like 'I'll never take you with me again', soon he will realise that although you say it, he is still coming with you to places. Try and work on a star system. Every day he behaves nicely and listens he will get a star and one he does it for a number of days (you'll decide what works for you) he can get a treat. (stickers, small toys etc) In the meantime you can have a laugh reading what I went through Osnat

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