my MIL held my son too much now he wants to be held ALL the time

Stephanie - posted on 08/18/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




basically i went to live with my inlaws for a few months while my husband is deployed but i wasnt happy so i moved back early. before i moved there my son was 2 months and he was so good. he was perfectly content on the bed or in his swing, as long as he could see me he was fine. well when i got there my MIL would NOT put him down no matter how many times my husband and i asked her to. even her friends would tell her to put him down bc she was going to make it really hard for me when i moved back home. she didnt care. she held him all day everyday. she would even take him from me without asking, just grab him from my arms and little old me was too scared to stick up for myself. so i moved back home early. anyway now that im home he will not stop crying unless he is being help. i know that all babies want to be held but he was never like this. like i said, he was happy as long as he could see me. i even got all A's in my classes last semester bc he was so good and i was totally shocked how easy it was. of course i would hold him and snuggle but not all day like my MIL did. he screams now and doesnt let me do anything. i had to drop all of my classes this semester bc there is no way in hell i'd be able to get anything done, i cant even pee without him screaming. as soon as i pick him up he starts laughing so i know that hes not hungry or in pain, he just wants to be picked up and walked around. i have a carrier but hes 18 lbs and im small so it hurts my back after a while. i try to let him cry it out but then i read that when babies cry too much they release a stress hormone that causes brain damage. my husband wont be home for another month and im seriously going crazy over here. is there anything i can do?? please help!!!!


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Michelle - posted on 08/18/2012




Put him down in a basinet or something right next to you and place a hand on him so he can feel you, if you continue to pick him up when he cries then you are making him the boss instead of you put your foot down and talk gently to him and say things like mommy is washing the dishes then maybe sing a song to him but slowly start leaving him for longer and longer periods on the ground in a swing or bouncy seat.

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