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So my mother has been living with us and for the most part it's a huge help most of the time. She doesn't help in anyway financially, but she helps me with my boys when my husband is working. Here's my question though, she sleeps in my 7 year olds room in his bed, and he sleeps on a twin air mattress. Is this right? It really irks my husband, especially on nights like tonight when the dog popped the mattress and she says "let's just make him a bed on the floor and we will fix it in the morning." I feel like my son needs his own room, but he loves having her sleeping in his room. I just don't know what to do, because every time I say anything about him having his bed and room back it always starts a fight. I need some advice please


Priscille - posted on 07/02/2015




Hi Nina,
Looks like you got a tricky situation on your hands here!
As far as sleeping habits go, I think they are very much influenced by culture, so I think that there may be a whole lot of different ways to deal with it.
Personally, I would like my 7 year old to have his privacy and his space. It wouldn't bother me much that he sleeps on the floor, as long as he is comfortable. But I wouldn't be at ease with having an adult sleeping with him on a medium or long term basis.
When you say it starts a fight, who is fighting? Is it you and your mom? Or your husband and your mom? You and your husband? All three of you? And what is the fight about? What are the arguments? It may help you to know the deeper underlying premises of the fight to be able to put an end to them.
Also, if you don't know what to do, your mom or husband might feel it and therefore be trying to pull you one way or the other. Determine with certainty how you want the situation to be, and you'll be able to handle the arguments better.

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