My nearly 3 yr old is STILL in nappies. HELLLLPPPPP!

Parveen - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter turns 3 in july, and i've tried and tried and persisted with potty training but she is so stubborn beyond belief. I've put her in knickers and told her to tell me when she needs a wee or poo and she never does, she only tells me after she has done a poo. I introduced a sticker chart and for every 10 stickers she would get a present and that idea went down the pan!! She really isn't bothered about running around in wet knickers or poo in her pants and this went on for 4 weeks, i gave up and put her back in nappies in those 4 weeks she only used the toilet with a child seat 7 times and that was because i noticed her poo face and got her there in time. I've even let her come into the bathroom with me while i use the toilet and given myself stickers and bought myself a present, just to encourage her. i've read the books tried the tips but my daughter is so stubborn. Now she'll be starting nursery in september and i'd prefer her to be potty trained. i really need help as my sanity is half way out the door!


Kathryn - posted on 03/28/2010




First, relax. My daughter was almost three and half before she was fully potty trained and my son was four and a half. The more you pressure her the more she will resist. It can easily become a power struggle. Don't let it. She will use the potty when she's ready and not before then. And there is nothing that you can do about it. Sure you can try to stay a step ahead of her and run her to the bathroom every time, but then you are the one who is trained. She will be potty trained. She won't wear diapers to her high school graduation. Rewards can help her decide to train sooner rather than later, but they need to be immediate. As soon as she goes give her a small treat. Small children have trouble understanding delayed gratification. Honestly rewards did nothing to help my kids. They did it when they wanted. And it was very frustrating. I wish I had been more relaxed about the whole thing.

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She may need the peer pressure from other kids her age to push her in that direction. Have you got friends with kids her age that are toilet trained? If so, have them over, ALOT. She needs to see them using the toilet.

You don't say what kind of nappies she's in. Disposables just make it harder, they really never know they are wet. The cloth kind will speed things along. Also, good job using a reward for success. Only, it doesn't seem like she's really that enamored of stickers. What does she like? Or, what's a big something that she really wants? See how you can tie that in.

For some reason I read your post as she was already 3, not turning three. Oops! She may just not be ready. Yes, I know, you want to be done with diapers, but it's her bodily function. Is she making it through naps without being wet? If she is, sit her down as soon as she wakes. Stay there for a while, she will go. Praise her to the moon if she goes. If she isn't making it through naps (or about 2 hours) without wetting, wait for it and then try the above.

Beyond that, all I can say is be patient with both your daughter and yourself. This is a battle you cannot win with out a lot of stress on everyone's part. Good luck.


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