My one year olds feeding schedule ...need advice from others w 1 year olds pls.

Justine - posted on 09/10/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




My boy just turned one an month and a half ago and i need to know if im feeding him enough. Im still feeding him baby food and mix gerber cereal in it, and im still doing it because it works and also the variety of fruits and vegies.

8:30- 4oz sippy of milk

9:30-Breakfast:some of my cereal(honey bunches of oats) and a jar of fruit and gerber cereal

12:00- Lunch: toast, slice of turkey, yogurt

1:00- 4oz sippy of milk then nap

4:00-Snack: gerber crunchies or cheezits

5:00-4oz milk

6:00- Dinner: jar of vegetable w/ gerber cereal mixed in, and some of what ever we are having that day.

8:30 8oz milk then to bed

ive heard lots of criticism online about giving one year olds baby food, and im afraid that if i stop, i wont be giving my son a variety of fruits and veggies, so i need to know it bad that i do??? should i be giving him more solid foods or does mom know best?

im open to any criticism and please share your food schedules as well, thankyou


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Sarah - posted on 09/11/2012




I think as a mom it can be hard to go from jar baby food to table food. With jar food you know they are eating a variety and how much they are getting. I would say do what you feel comfortable with. With my first I did the toddler jar foods for awhile until I felt comfortable with him eating more of the food I would make. With my second and third I was giving them table food around 8 months and pretty much off jar foods by 12-13 months. I learned that kids are going to go up and down with their eating. Some days you will not be able to feed them enough, others they will hardly eat anything. Some days all they want to eat are fruits and others just veggies. In the end as long as you are offering a variety of foods throughout the day they are going to get what they need. I don't think there is a right or wrong for doing jar food. Eventually kids tend to want more of the table food and eat less of the jar food as they grow.

RaeAnne - posted on 09/11/2012




My daughter is about the same age as your son. I don't have a set feeding schedule which is probably wrong of me, but I just let her eat when she's hungry. She drinks 4oz of formula usually about 5 times a day. I haven't switched her to milk because she's allergic to dairy so feeding is a bit more difficult. Try Gerber Graduates. I give her those all the time. There's fruits, veggies, meats, pastas. My little girl LOVES them. I just can't give her ones with mac and cheese or anything like that. Whatever I'm doing is working for me as she eats and is happy as can be and perfectly healthy. Fresh fruit is always good though. Small bites of cantalope and strawberries are Saphie's favorite. Just experiment. It also depends on how many teeth he has. My daughter already has 2 molars which makes feeding easier. Good luck! You seem to be doing just fine :) Maybe even better than me lol

Ashley - posted on 09/11/2012




My daughter is 11 months, and we mostly feed her fresh fruits and veggies. A typical lunch is diced up fruit, some kind of vegetable cut up, and either some black beans, rice, quinoa, etc. She refuses to be fed.She wants to do it all herself with little finger foods. It's really hard sometimes.

I don't think your schedule is a bad one at all. Sometimes I wish my daughter would still eat the purees! Try to introduce some more fresh fruits and veggies in place of the purees--depending, of course, on how many teeth he has, how his pincer grasp is, etc--and see how he does with them. You can also bake or boil a sweet potato and keep a tupperware of it sliced and ready to go in the fridge. You can do the same thing with fruit, other veggies, etc. I usually just pick up a couple of items for her in the store, prep them, store them in the fridge, and use as needed. My daughter also loves those little mandarin oranges that come in the cups. I just drain the juice, then rinse them off and cut them in half, and she goes to town!

As long as he's healthy and you feel good about what you're doing, don't worry about what you "should" do. You're obviously a great mom just for showing so much concern about his nutrition!

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I didn't give baby food after my daughter was a year, but it didn't have anything to do with it being baby food. She, like her brother, like the texture of an actual pea for instance to the pureed peas. My son is only 8 months and barely eats baby food, he just plain likes the feed himself and eat what he sees us eat. He's gone so far as to reach into his sister's mouth to dig out her snack, so he can eat it. I now have to send the poor thing to the kitchen, so she can eat in peace.

The meal plan you put up there is a really good one. I personally wouldn't do the Honey Bunches of Oats due to the very high sugar content. But saying that the rest of the day is fairly low in sugar, it probably wont hurt him.

Kristin - posted on 09/10/2012




Sounds like what u r doing is hearty. I would start throwing in real fruits and veggies vs the jars. Foods with fun textures. give her a variety

Lauren - posted on 09/10/2012




I think your a great mom for the simple fact that your looking stuff up and are concerened. My little boy is a year and a half, he is now finally eating a few fruits and veggies. He want eat meat though. For a while he would only eat breads and pastas, I just kept throwing in veggies and fruits and he would try them sometimes and sometimes he wouldn't. I do give him a spoon with a glob of peanut butter lol. Everyone is going to have their own opinion weather positive or negative. As long as he is healthy I would keep doing what your doing and just keep trying different things.

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