my son has a cough

Meagen - posted on 01/12/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




i think my son has a cold because he has a stuffy runny nose and has a horrible cough, he is only 6 months old and there is no medicine i can give him due to his age, i have a humidifier but is there anything i can do to help with his cough? i do live in utah though, so i think it may also be due to the smoggy air as well, does anyone know how i can get rid of his cough?


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Kathleen - posted on 01/12/2010




I used to sleep sitting up with baby on my chest to help them breathe better at night and cough less.....

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The saline drops helped us when our little guy was an infant. As long as the cough doesn't sound like a "Seal" or real rough sounding, it will clear up on it's own. I know it is so hard not to worry and feel for our little ones when they do not feel good and there is nothing we can do to fix it. Hang in there:)

Melissa - posted on 01/12/2010




Using a humidifer has helped my son's cough. The Dr also suggested to prop one side of his mattress up to raise his head. We did not do that only because my son is a busy sleeper. Good Luck!

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Sounds like he has a cold and the only thing you can do it wait it out. Continue using the humidifier when he naps and again at night. A steamy bathroom can also help if he is congested. I used baby vick's rub on my son's chest and feet. If his cough continues for more than 10 days or is associated with a high fever then I would take him to the doctor. Hope he feels better soon.

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